B&R Communications Troubleshooting

If part spacing is off:

  1. Cut/Draw a square on all four corners of the table.  Compare the squares to make sure they are the same size – rail may be bent or table could not be level.
  2. Cut out a 10 inch square and measure the square.  It should be a little less than 10 inches – scaling problem
  3. Do a rip cut (or draw with pen on goto move) about 10 inches down the table.  Measure the line to make sure it is actually 10 inches – scaling problem
  4. Check for loose pulleys or parts.

Click Start Cut or Dry Run and nothing happens:

  1. Make sure Windows firewall is turned off.
  2. Check B&R software version date (Version button on System tab).  It needs to be 09/17/2008 or later. 
  3. Check path.txt file in C:\Program Files\Mechanical Data\VSControl II.  If size is > 256K, contact Technical Support, 1-800-441-2840. 

If motor is humming while machine is paused:

  1. Make sure customer has latest software and tuning parameters (ParmsBR.txt).
  2. Lower Speed Gain parameter on Axis Tuning tab of Control Setups screen.
  3. Lower Position Gain parameter on Axis Tuning tab of Control Setups screen.

If there are no lights on one or both of the drives:

  1. Make sure long terminal on front of drive is tight and secure.
  2. Make sure wire in slot 15 going to power supply is connected properly on both ends.  Also make sure both ends of wire are stripped correctly. 

If AR010 will not startup:

  1. Make sure AR010 ip address is  You can do this by going to Start->All Programs->B&R Automation->AR010->AR010 Configuration.
  2. Check to see if another network card is using the ip range (subnet mask  If so, then the ip address for the AR010 will need to be changed. 

If getting lag error from:

  1. Motors are not getting enough torque because rail on table is not straight.  This is common in tables with a gantry axis.
  2. Accel and Decel parameters (Control Setups) are set too high.  Accel and Decel axis speeds seem to be best around 30 – 40 inch/sec on gantry axis systems.     

Servo fault 139301: Digital IO: 24V power supply failure

  • Check the +24 V at the terminal block on the drive (AC130 - pin 11 +24 V, AC130 - pin 12 Common).  
  • If this is fine, then possibly one of the inputs / outputs is shorted.  To check this remove all the wires connected to the AC130 and see if the problem goes away.  If the error still comes up at this point then it might be a bad AC130 but if goes away then reconnect each of the wires until the problem I/O point is found.