How do I change the default AutoBid SheetMetal password? Can I also change employee passwords?

You can change employee information (including the defaults); however, you must have proper security rights to change login information in the database.

  1. Open the AutoBid SheetMetal Global Data Administrator.
  2. Go to Company Settings / Employee List.
  3. In the Employees dialog, click on the employee name you want to modify and then click the lock button on the toolbar.
  4. Modify the required information in the Security Options dialog. Note: If you are changing a password (or login name), make note of your changes so you can inform the necessary parties of the change.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Close the Employees dialog. Your changes take place immediately. The next time the software is opened, the new credentials must be used.

Caution - Use extreme care when modifying any user login information. You may inadvertently lock yourself or another employee out of the application.