How do I automatically update NECA labor rates in Trimble Accubid Classic using Trade Service Online Link Update Manager?

Preliminary Steps 

Run Traser Setup and uncheck the option to Auto-close application after the update or Do not prompt for database selection or else it may not give you a chance to select the Labor Update option.


Start by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\Classic 13 and open DatabaseLaborUpdate.exe to add PIK codes to the Classic Database.

Click OK.

Select the database(s) to add PIK codes to, then click Update.

Click Yes to continue.

Wait for PIK codes to be added to the database(s).

When done, open Trade Service Online Link Update Manager.

Make sure to use version or higher.

NECA labor updates only apply to the Electrical database.  Right-click on the Electrical database and select Update Now.

When the TRA-SER Setup window opens, click on Labor Update instead of Price Update.

Wait for the updates to download.

NECA Labor updates should be updated once Trimble Accubid Classic Price Update appears.  Close this window to finish.

Note: If you do not have access to NECA labor rates from Trade Service, you will immediately get an error message.

The error will say "Access to NECA labor rates is disallowed".