Vulcan Database Connections for Versions 2012 or later

If you are trying to open Vulcan Version 2012 or later and you receive the following:


Error messaage


Click Yes and then you may receive a window that states “Failed to connect to Server…….” Where the server name that is shown is correct, or may be incorrect.  Click OK on this message and the following Database Connection window displays:


Connection Infromation


The window shown above is the default setting for a database connection in Vulcan Versions 2012 or later using SQL Server 2008.  Your window may not display the same information depending on the SQL Server version being used.

If the Server name is incorrect:

  • Click in the Servers dropdown list and select the name of the server where your Vulcan XP database resides.  If you do not see the name of your server listed, click the Refresh Servers button at bottom and then click in the Servers dropdown list again and select.  
  • If the server name is correct here, but you still receive the message “Failed to connect to server…….”:
  • Click OK and verify the User Name and Password fields are correct as stated below.

 In the Databases dropdown list, the database should read either VulcanXP or VulcanXP (USImperial) .  The password in the above window is QuickPen1.  (These are the User Name and Password settings for SQL 2008.  If your database is running with an older version of SQL:

  • See the User Name and Password settings below for proper input.)  When the correct Server is selected and the proper User Name and Passwords have been entered,
  • Select the VulcanXP Database from the Databases dropdown and then you can click OK.


User Name and Password Settings

If you are using SQL Server 2005 the above still applies for the Databases dropdown list, but the User Name will usually be qp and the Password will be   VulcanXP1

If you are using MSDE 2000 the Databases dropdown list should read VulcanXP but the User Name will usually be sa and the password will be VulcanXP