When I open a drawing/template, I am getting a prompt saying it needs to upgrade the DuctDesigner 3D objects. My drawing does not have these objects in it. Why am I getting this prompt?

The drawing/template became associated with the DuctDesigner 3D software. To remove the prompt, you need to disassociate the drawing from the software.

  1. Make sure the drawing/template is closed in AutoCAD.

  2. Type QPENUNASSOCIATE at the Command Line.

  3. Navigate to the folder where the drawing is located. Note: This will disassociate any drawing in that folder that does not have duct in it.

  4. Click OK and then click Yes to start the process to disassociate the drawing/template from DuctDesigner 3D.

  5. A confirmation dialog displays when the process is complete. Click Close.