Enterprise Known Issues


  1. Side-by-side configuration error when opening Accubid License Administrator
    Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (x86) Redistributable and try again.
  2. The program is frozen at the splash screen.
    Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 32-bit and 64-bit and try again.
  3. Cannot connect to Enterprise server.
    Check the time on the server and on the workstation.  Make sure the time is synchronized and is within 1 minute.
  4. Cannot share Accubid Licenses over network.
    Download and run the RPC Registry fix.  Then, restart computer.
  5. Takeoff screen, grids, and icons appear distored in Windows 10.
    Right-click Desktop > Display Settings > Change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100% magnification.
    Sign out, log back in, and try again.
  6. Cannot Export via Integrator.
    Download and install the latest version of the Trimble Integrator.  This is now contained in a seprate installer.


    Enterprise 6.8.0

    1. Enterprise Vendor Update with NetPricer does nothing when requesitng for prices.
      Download AccSupplierPricingServer.dll and replace this file in the C:\Program Files\Trimble\Enterprise directory on the server.  Restart the server once all users are off and try again.
    2. Enterprise is slow after upgrading.
      The Enterprise 6.8.0 upgrade enabled full logging during the upgrade process.  Disable full logging by deleting AccConfigData.config from C:\ProgramData\Accubid\Enterprise\Configuration Files\v.006.008.000\ on the server.  Restart the server once all users are off.


    Enterprise 6.7.0

    1. Unable to delete assemblies with no data dependencies (error message says otherwise).
      Upgrade to Enterprise 6.8.0.