How do I automatically update NECA labor rates in Trimble Accubid Enterprise using Trade Service Online Link Update Manager?

Note: Starting with Trimble Accubid Enterprise 6.8, you can use Trade Service Online Link Update Manager to update NECA labor columns.

Open Enterprise TraSer Setup and use the following settings:

  • Use Custom/XML
  • Price Update Profile > Electrical Profile: TraSer Custom XML Column 3
  • Labor Update Profile: NECA Labor Update
  • Use Customized Data Folder

Click OK and continue by setting the issue date.

Next, open Trade Service Online Link Update Manager

Be sure to use version or higher.

NECA labor updates only apply to the Electrical database, so right-click the Electrical database and select Update Now.

Select Tra-Ser Labor PIK to update NECA labor columns and then click OK.

A window similar to the one pictured below displays. Please wait for the update to download.

Note: One way to check if an account has access to update NECA labor updates is to check for items.  If you hover over the NECA logo, it will either give you the rates or show "You are not authorized to view NECA labor rates".

The Trimble Accubid Enterprise Item Update splash screen displays.  Click Connect if needed.

Updates may take an hour.  (Typically, NECA labor rates are updated once every few years.)

There should be roughly 50,000 items with updated NECA labor values from the initial load.