How do I export an Accubid Classic job to Microsoft Project?

The Trimble® Accubid Classic software, version 13,  introduces exports to Microsoft Project in an mpp format.

Tip - Before you export to Project an mpp file, you must first group your extensions by a breakdown (for example, by System). If your extensions are not grouped, you will receive a message similar to the one below.

Group Extension

In the Classic software, go to the Extension screen and click on Extension > Group.

When your extension is grouped properly, you can then process the export.

Export to Microsoft Project

  1. In the Classic software, go to Job > Export.
    In the
  2. Export to list, select Project.  NOTE: Exports to .mpx will not open in Project 2013.


  1. When you Export to Project, you can export the Extension, Direct Labor, Subcontractors, or Quoted Materials.

The default path will attempt to save the .mpp project file to C:\ProgramData\Accubid\JOBDATA

  1. Navigate to the .mpp file exported from Accubid and open the file.

Microsoft Project should open showing the grouped systems as well as the Gantt chart.

In Microsoft Project, click on the Indicatorsi” column and select “Insert Column”.

Select the Field NameWork”.

A new Work column will appear with the hours.

Select the grouped extensions in Microsoft Project and on the ribbon menu, go to Task > Properties > Information (or Shift+F2)

In the Advanced tab, click “Effort driven” and click OK.

Finally, you can go under the Resource Names column to select the type of labor.

Be sure to save your work before closing.