Can I export data from the AllTrak Program to excel or another format?

Yes, you can export any Asset Grid and you can also Export Reports.

To Export the asset grid you will first want to setup the asset grid with the information you wish to export. 

  • Select the asset grid that you wish to export and click on Assets and select Export Asset Grid.  You have the option of export to Excel, Text or HTML.


Step 1


To Export a Report. 

  • Once you run the report and it appears on your screen, in the report menu you will see an icon that looks like a folder with a sheet of paper and green arrow.
  • Select the export icon and choose your format.
  • Keep the Destination selection set to Disk file
  • Once you select OK to the previous screen, you will see the Excel Report Options were you can set additional formatting options for the Excel report
  • Once you select OK to the above window, it will close and open Windows Explore. Here you can browse to a location to save the exported report and rename if desired.
  • Once you select Save, the export is completed and you can close out of the AllTrak report.

This export feature is available for all AllTrak Reports.