Importing files into RealWorks with automatic colorization

You can now bring in files directly into RealWorks and it will automatically apply the pictures and colorize the scans.

  • To do so insert your memory card and copy over the project onto your selected location.
  • Open RealWorks and select Import FLS files… 

import to realworks

  • Browse to the location of those files and select all the corresponding folders and click Import

import fls files into realworks

realworks file import

  • Select ok to create a new project
  • It will then start bringing in all your files if you used pictures it will apply them (colorize it) and it will convert them to TZF so that you can use the scan explorer.

NOTE:  If you have more than 30 scans it is best to split them up and convert and register them in smaller groups, then merging those projects together.