Unable to Obtain Vulcan License on Office Computer

After installing Vulcan Update Version 2012 or later, if you receive an Unable to Obtain a Vulcan License – Go to the Security Tab and Check Your Settings  message when trying to start Vulcan:

  • click OK.
  • The Security Key Server window displays.  (If the login window for Vulcan displays at this point, click Setup at bottom left then click the Options button and click the Security tab at top.)
  • Click the Clear button on this Security Key Servers Window to clear the current key server shown.
  • Click Find Key Servers button.  This may take 20 to 30 seconds and should return with the IP address of the computer that houses the Vulcan USB Security Key and shows something like the following:



Where Vulcan1 is the name of the computer that houses the key and then the IP address is shown in parentheses after.  Sometimes this may show the IP address twice instead of showing the computer name.

If the Computer Name and IP address shown are incorrect, or if nothing is displayed at all:

  • Click the ADD button and
  • Add the IP address of the computer that houses the key and click OK.  This should display this IP Address as the key server. 
  • Close out of Vulcan and re-open.


If your Vulcan USB Security key is installed on a different computer than where you run Vulcan, make sure that you do not have any windows firewall on, or firewalls turned on in the settings of any virus protection software on either of the computers. 

Note:  Be sure that the computer that houses the USB security key has a static IP address.  If not, you will receive this error every time a different IP address is found.


 If you still have trouble finding the license, contact Vulcan Software Support @  1-800-441-2840.