LiveCount Known Issues


  • LiveCount focus is on Cancel instead of OK.
    Download the atkoext.dll and replace the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Trimble\Classic 13
  • After upgrading, Point Symbols and their descriptions are scrambled!
    This is a bug in LiveCount 5.0 and will be addressed in LiveCount 5.1.


LiveCount 5.0

  • Cannot drill up to object.
    Close the program and try again.  If problems persist, re-install the program.
  • C-Tree Error.
    Close the program and try again.

LiveCount 4.0.1

Cannot delete traces In LiveCount and Estimating
Upgrade to LiveCount 5.0.  Otherwise, create a new layer in LiveCount (call it Deleted) and move the traces you want to delete in this new layer to hide the trace.