I am looking for LiveCount Server information. Where can I find it?

You can obtain information on the LiveCount Server application by clicking the document link under the Install/Configure the LiveCount Server Application heading below. 

Basic Preliminary Steps

  • Everyone must exit the LiveCount application during this installation process.
  • You must have a valid license file from Trimble to proceed.
  • Determine the estimator database you want to use on the server.  
  • Other estimators should export any projects they want to keep. Once they have switched to the new database, these projects can be imported back into the master database.
  • We suggest that your IT Professional review the C-tree Server Administrator’s Guide. It is available at http://www.faircom.com/doc/ctserver/ 
    Pay special attention to the Operating the c-treeACE Server section, as this is the primary area of interest.
  • The Network Administrator is responsible for configuring the server so that the CTree server is properly started and stopped whenever the server hardware is started or stopped.
  • Also, the CTree server should be stopped before backing up the LiveCount data and restarted after backup.

Install/Configure the LiveCount Server Application

Download LiveCount Server Installation QuickStart (PDF)

Your IT professional should have the expertise required to accomplish the tasks outlined in this document. Trimble strongly recommends that you download, print, and follow the instructions in this document carefully. This helps ensure proper operation of the server application. Please Note: Trimble MEP Client Services Representatives cannot assist you with configuration issues on your server.