I am installing Trimble Alltrak on a new Server, How do I move over the QuickLink license?

If the Quick Link Hub and Management Studio are required to be moved to another server, please follow the steps below to return the product license seats from the current server and reissue the product license seats to the new (designated) server. It is best to have a Quick Link Hub installed on the designated server prior to performing these steps. This process can be performed using the Quick Link Management Studio installed on any server or PC. However, be sure to have the correct IP address for the Quick Link Hub or Hub’s which the license seats will moved to and from. 

For any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact Trimble AllTrak Technical Support. 

Toll free: 1-800-234-3758

Email: [email protected]

Please be sure all users of the software are not logged into the application before performing this change, otherwise loss of data may occur.