I purchased a Nomad Scanner how do I get it setup?

To get your Trimble Nomad scanner connecting to your computer you will need to:

  • install Active Sync 4.5 first if your computer is Windows XP.  If Windows 7 you should be able to connect it thru Windows Mobile Device Center.  
  • After you have Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device Center installed.  Plug your scanner into your computer and setup a Partnership. 
  • Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device Center should then show your device as connected.    If your scanner shows connected you can proceed with installing the software below.  While installing all software please make sure to leave your Scanner plugged in at all times. If your scanner is not showing as connected you have to first get this resolved before trying to install any further software.    

Install Microsoft .net CF 3.5.  Click on the link below to download and install this.


Then you will be able to install the AllTrak Mobile program on the device.

  • Open up the AllTrak Program on your desktop and select Settings and then Personal Settings. 
  • Click on the Devices tab. 
  • Check Windows Mobile Devices until you see the Register with Active Sync button. 
  • Then click on this to install. 
  • Follow prompts given. 
  • This will install AllTrak Mobile on the scanner. 
  • Then select to Register Symbol Library with ActiveSync. 
  • Follow prompts given.  
  • Then you will need to turn on the Mobile Listener Option in the AllTrak Data Server. 
  • Open up the AllTrak Data Server and select Tools and Manage Connections, Mobile Listener Options. 
  • Enable the Mobile Listener.  

Then you should be able to run AllTrak Mobile on the scanner.