How do I perform backups Trimble AutoBid Mechanical?

  1. In the main AutoBid Mechanical window, go to File / Backup.
  2. Select the location where you would like to save the backup file.
  3. Choose the type of backup you want to create. AutoBid Mechanical has multiple options for backups.
  • Full
    Performs a backup of the entire database. Depending on the size of your database, this may take several minutes.
  • Masters
    Backs up all Master Items, such as Piping Items, Libraries, Master Multipliers, and Labor Books.
  • AutoBid Engine
    Backs up all of the Vendors, Manufacturers and general database information.
  • Projects
    This will perform a backup of your projects.You can back up all projects, or select only those you wish to backup.
  • Specific
    This backup option will allow you to back up only specific modules in the database, such as Piping Items, Libraries, or Labor Books. 

You can also perform backups from the Trimble® Quick Link Licensing and Communication software (required to use the AutoBid Mechanical application). Refer to the online help system for more details.