When I open a drawing/template, I am getting a prompt saying it needs to upgrade the PipeDesigner 3D objects. My drawing does not have these objects in it. Why am I getting this prompt?

The drawing/template became associated with the PipeDesigner 3D software. To remove the prompt, you need to disassociate the drawing from the software.

  1. Make sure the drawing/template is closed in AutoCAD.

  2. Go to the PD3D™ Tools tab and then Utilities / Miscellaneous / Disassociate.

  3. Navigate to the folder where the drawing is located. Select the:

Entire folder if you want to disassociate all drawings that do not contain pipe objects.
Drawing you want to disassociate. 

  1. Click Yes to start the process to disassociate the drawing/templates from PipeDesigner 3D.

  2. A confirmation dialog displays when the process is complete. Click OK.