How do I restore an Enterprise database from a backup?

  1. Begin by opening the SQL Server Management Studio. Go to the Start menu and locate the program.
    You can go to Run and then enter ssms. Click OK.

    Please be patient as this may take several seconds to load.
  2. Login with sa credentials if possible.​
  3. Expand your SQL Server instance, then right-click Databases > Restore Database...​
  4. Click on the ellipsis button (...)​
  5. Click Add to browse to a database backup file.​
  6. Click on the backup file you want to restore and then click OK.​
  7. Confirm the backup file path and click OK.​
  8. Verify the backup information and click OK to restore the database.​As the restore process proceeds, the progress is shown on the top right of this screen.​
  9. Click OK when the restore completes.​

The restored database will now be shown in the Object Explorer.

After restoring from a backup, the corresponding .mdf and .ldf file is created.