Security Server - Troubleshooting

Go to your Control Panel>Programs and Features and uninstall Accubid Security Server 2.60 (If there).


Remove Accubid Security Server software from the Add/Remove Programs.

Install the Accubid Security Server 2.1 (download link provided below), and run it with the HASP key (USB license) plugged into the machine.


If it’s  still not working after that; you may have to do the following:

Go to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Accubid\Accubid Security and set SecurityTrayIcon2.exe to always run in Administrator mode.

Right click on SecurityTrayIcon2.exe  and go to Properties



On the Window that comes up, go to the Compatibility tab and click on Change Settings for All Users.

Then check the box to run as administrator and click OK twice.




** Repeat the process for the SecurityService2.exe located in the same directory!!


If the above fails, you might want to consider disabling UAC. (User Access Control)

To do that, simply go to your Control Panel, and click on Users Accounts.



Once completed, you will have to reboot your machine.