Is there a way to setup Trimble Accubid Supplier Link vendor price updates in the Classic software?

To setup Supplier Link, open any job and go to the Extension screen.

Click the Extension menu / Send to Supplier Link.


When Supplier Link opens, click Settings > Options.

Click the down arrow next to the Service field and select a provider and then enter your credentials for the selected provider.

Go to the Quotation menu / Request Supplier Quotations.

Select suppliers to get prices from by adding them to the right pane of the window.

Keep in mind that requesting pricing from numerous vendors may take a longer time. Trimble suggests you choose your vendors wisely.

When you receive price updates, you can add these to the Classic software as follows:
Click the Quotation menu > Send to Estimating Program.

Click Yes to send prices back to Estimating

In the Estimating program, select the fields required for the updates and click OK.

Supplier prices now display under the Link Price column and other related items are in blue text.