Is it possible to bring AutoBid Mechanical estimate data into Trimble® ConstructJob?

Trimble® ConstructJob allows you to upload material information from an AutoBid Mechanical project estimate. This information can then be used to generate material requests or purchase orders. You can also compare the quantities ordered vs. the estimated quantities to determine cost overruns. 

Note: In order to upload data to the Trimble ConstructJob software, the Integrator software is required. The procedures below are steps required in the Integrator software.

  1. In the Select a data source and destination dialog, proceed as follows:
  • Select AutoBid Mechanical in the Source application field.
  • In the Data Source field, navigate to the location of the AutoBid Rapid Reports file that contains your project’s information. Click Next.
  1. In the Review project information dialog, review and complete any additional data.

Tip - You can add/change data within this dialog as necessary.The Integrator automatically completes the Project ID and Job Name fields. 

  1. Review the information in the Final review screen. Click Finish when you are satisfied with the data. The information is now available for use in ConstructJob.