This page contains information about the Trimble Integrator software.

What is the Trimble Integrator software?

The Trimble Integrator utility is designed to convert CSV files exported from the Trimble MEP Estimating programs into a format that can be readily used by the Trimble® ConstructJob project management system, as well as many popular construction accounting packages.

Will the Integrator software allow me to add my Trimble MEP estimating data into ContructJob?

You can use the Integrator to bring data from into the ConstructJob software from the following applications:

  • Trimble® Accubid Classic
  • Trimble® Accubid Enterprise
  • Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical
  • Trimble® AutoBid® SheetMetal

Instructions for exporting data from each program can be found in the specific estimating product’s online help system.

Which accounting packages does the Integrator software support?

Most popular accounting packages are supported, including, but not limited to Sage 50, Sage 300, and more.

Note: The Integrator accounting package functionality pertains to Trimble Accubid products only. The Trimble AutoBid products include accounting package export functions within the software applications.

How do I create a file from the Integrator software using my estimating data?

The Integrator uses an easy-to-use wizard that guides you through the process of importing data into the various applications you have available for import.

The first screen of the Integrator allows you to identify the variables that will control the conversion of your estimating data, including:

  • Source file of your estimating data
  • Source application
  • Destination application (and if necessary, the user settings for that destination)

Open the Integrator and then proceed as follows:

  1. Click  next to the Source Application field and select an application from the list.
  2. Next to the Data Source field, click  and then navigate to the folder containing your CSV file. Double-click on the file.
  3. In the Destination application field, click  and select the appropriate data format. Note: This is the application you are sending information to
    ConstructJob ONLY:
    • In the ConstructJob URL field, enter the URL you use to access your ConstructJob software. b. Enter your ConstructJob User Name and Password.
    • Click Next to proceed.
  4. Complete the remaining wizard screens as presented to create your file.

Note: You can change default values for costs, taxes, breakdowns, and so on. Trimble recommends you use care when modifying data so it does not adversely affect the required estimated values from your project into your secondary software application.

Can I make changes to information prior to creating my import/export file?

Yes. After you’ve linked data from your estimating program to the Integrator, you can modify certain values prior to creating the file. The fields available for editing are open and available in the Integrator.

How do I contact MEP Client Services for technical support?

You can send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1-800-361-3030.