As part of Trimble’s effort to supply PipeDesigner 3D® customers with the most up-to date manufacturer libraries, we are now hosting the libraries for easy download and installation. Please select the manufacturer that best fits your needs and click the "Download" button to initiate the download process. 

Please keep the following in mind before downloading any database:

Database Compatibility

These libraries are compatible with Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D®, Release 2018 v1.20 (which can be installed only with AutoCAD®2018, AutoCAD® Architecture 2018, and AutoCAD® MEP 2018. )

Note: They will not work with any other versions of PipeDesigner 3D/Autodesk applications. Please make sure you have the compatible versions of the software applications before downloading and attempting to merge into PipeDesigner 3D.

Additional Information

  • Modifications you have made and outdated data may cause issues with how the items are used in your PipeDesigner 3D system. This includes connection types, fitting sizes, and material specifications.
  • Trimble recommends that you inspect each downloaded item carefully before attempting to place into a PipeDesigner 3D drawing. You may need to do some additional work in your PipeDesigner 3D Data Editor before you can place the item properly.

Note: These files are large in size and may take a significant time to download over slow connections. For questions regarding installation of the libraries, click "Instructions."