July, 2018


New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications


General Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes

We appreciate the feedback and are continuously improving and evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various smaller improvements to features and functions that have been requested from the field have been made with this version that will further improve the user experience and customer satisfaction.


Accubid Classic - Estimating

  • Changed the way we are handling situations where Accubid Classic can’t save the job file to a network drive because it is unavailable because of a hardware i/o error. Instead of showing an error message we now allow the user to continue to work without interruption but prompt the user to save the job at an available location at the end when trying to exit the job.

Note: Not saving the job at that time would result in a loss of data.   

  • Updated the Material Database for Canada  (CDN) to include updated price codes.

  • Addressed a problem when copying a job (Save as) which was associated to LiveCount, where the copy of the job still appeared to be linked to LiveCount which is functionality that is not supported at this stage.


Time & Material Billing Module

  • Addressed issues when exporting, copying or updating a T&M job was causing a crash


Enhancements & Modifications with Accubid Classic v14.1.1

  • The name and order of drawings in LiveCount Cloud is now constantly synchronized with Accubid Classic. If the user changes the order in LiveCount Cloud it will update the order in the drawing list in Accubid Classic.


Enhancements & Modifications with Accubid Classic v14.1.2

  • Addressed issue where creating new categories in Database Manager was not possible anymore

  • Addressed issue where the link to LiveCount was disabled in backup files.

  • Addressed issue when losing network connection and saving a job locally were the link to LiveCount was disabled

  • Addressed issues where a designation that was unlinked in LiveCount Cloud can’t be relinked again.


Essential Release Information

Microsoft SQL 2014 Express

This installation routine in this release of Accubid Classic version 14 software installs Microsoft SQL 2014 Express. You will be unable to attach the database packaged with this version of the software to a lower version of SQL. Migrating the database from an earlier version of SQL will continue to work; for example, if you have SQL 2008 and migrate to the current Accubid Classic T&M Billing version 14 software.

Compatible “Update From” Versions

The Trimble Accubid Classic software can be updated directly from the release of the following:

  • Version 12.x

  • Version 13.x

  • Version 14

If the currently installed version is not in the list above, please contact MEP Client Services at 1-800-361-3030 for assistance prior to installing.


LiveCount Procedures

When you are working in the LiveCount software, you must send your work to the Classic Estimating application before resuming work on your estimate. Failure to do so results in loss of the work completed in the LiveCount software.


Product Support

If you have any questions regarding the Essential Release Information presented, please see the Product Assistance section for MEP Client Services contact information.