November, 2018

New Features and Improvements in Version 3.1

Browser Client Transfer Cart Improvements

The Transfer Cart in the Browser Client of AllTrak Cloud has been improved to enable users to set the To Responsible Employee and the Return Date for multiple selected assets in the Transfer Cart in the same step.  This improvement reduces the effort required to setup the cart to transfer the assets to designated employees.

Check boxes have been added on the header row of the grid and on the row of each asset added to the cart.  Users may check the box on the header row to select / deselect all of the asset s in the transfer cart or select / deselect individual assets by checking the box for a specific asset.

By default, the To Employee in the transfer cart is set to “Location Manager”.  If this setting is not changed then the employee who is the Location Manager for the selected To Location will be the Responsible Employee of the assets when the transfer is processed.

Click on to select the To Responsible Employee for the selected assets in the transfer cart.  The selected employee will be the Responsible Employee for the selected assets when the transfer is processed.  Different Responsible Employees can be selected for different assets. Changing the To Location after selecting Responsible Employees no longer changes the designated To Employee for the asset, any employees selected prior to selecting the To Location will be retained.  

Note: that Commodities and Consumables are always transferred to the Location Manager of the To Location.

Click onto set the Return Date for the selected assets in the transfer cart.  Setting a return date will cause an alert to generate if the asset is not returned to the location it was transferred from or to its default location on the designated return date.  The return date is not a required setting.

Click on to remove the selected assets from the transfer cart.

Asset Side Panel Improvements

A new Scheduled Services card has been added to the Details tab of the Asset Side Panel that displays the next scheduled service date for services associated with the selected asset.  This card enables you to view upcoming service dates for an asset without having to edit and asset and navigate to the Services tab in Edit Asset popup window. The Asset Side Panel is displayed when an asset is selected on the Asset Grid of the Location or Asset Page.

Updating the Customer Admin

When an AllTrak Cloud tenant is setup for a company a specified employee is designated to be the Customer Admin for AllTrak Cloud in the system.  Previously, this employee could net be changed as an Admin for AllTrak and could not be deleted from the system. This can be a problem if the employee changes roles or leaves the company.  Other users can be established as an Admin user, but they could not be set to be the Customer Admin (main admin).

The main admin user can now promote another user to be the Customer Admin.

  • On the Employee Page, select the employee to become the Customer Admin

  • Click on (next to) above the employee grid to make the selected employee the Customer Admin.  This option will only be appear for the current Customer Admin

  • The new Customer Admin employee will be able to delete the previous Customer Admin employee from the system.

    • Rules for deletion of an Employee still apply: employee cannot be responsible for any assets or be the location manager of any location.

Note: If the designated Customer Admin no longer works for the company, please contact and we can help change the designated Customer Admin.

Mobile App – Transfer Workflow Improvements

A new version of the AllTrak Cloud mobile app will be released soon.  The new version of the mobile app will include improvements to the Transfer workflow that simplify the selection of the “From Location” for Commodities and Consumables added to the transfer cart.  

Also, if pending transfers exist (typically a transfer submitted while the device is offline) or if a submitted transfer failed for some reason, this information will be shown at the beginning of the Transfer workflow.  Pending transfers will process automatically when the device comes back on line. Failed transfers can be resubmitted and will process if the reason the asset could not be transferred has been rectified.

The AllTrak Cloud mobile app can be updated using the App Store or the Play Store depending on your device.  More details of the improvements to the mobile app will be detailed in a update to these release notes when the mobile app update is available for download.