March, 2018

Trimble is pleased to offer Release 5.3 of the Trimble® LiveCount™ software. This document provides enhancement/modification, installation, and compatibility information pertaining to this release.

This document provides the following information:

  • Modifications

  • Compatibility

  • Upgrade Installation Notes



  • A file can be created to assist MEP Support with resolving LiveCount issues.

  • Drawing Compare windows are re-sizeable which allows better viewing of the drawing list when utilizing multi-page documents.

Other Modifications

  • Compare Drawings

    • Multi-page PDF comparisons are now stored correctly, and no longer show page 1 when revisited.

    • The “New Drawing Rotation” setting, in the “Drawing Comparison Alignment” window is now being correctly reflected in the view of the compared drawings.

  • Export File does not lose scale information for multi-page PDF’s.

  • Issue with “Drawing Import Error – Unable to create Output File” is resolved.



This release of the Trimble Accubid LiveCount™ software is compatible with the following applications:

  • Trimble® Accubid Enterprise, Version 7.1 or newer

  • Trimble® Accubid Classic, Version 14.1 (it is not compatible with earlier versions of the Classic software)

SnapshotTip – If you experience any version compatibility issues, please contact Trimble MEP Client Services at 1-800-361-3030 for assistance or

  • Trimble® LiveCount™ Server

The LiveCount Server is a utility installed and run on your network server. This allows you to have a central location for LiveCount database files, which will greatly increase performance.

If you have five or more estimators using the LiveCount database concurrently, Trimble recommends moving to the LiveCount Server. This will substantially increase software performance, allowing for faster completion of LiveCount processes.

Note: The LiveCount Server is a separate product, requiring a separate license. The cost of the LiveCount Server license in not included in the base price of LiveCount. Please contact your Trimble sales representative for more information.

Upgrade Installation Notes

SnapshotTip – You must follow the instructions outlined below to ensure proper behavior of your software after installation and configuration is complete.

Backup Data Files

Trimble recommends you backup up your LiveCount data files before upgrading to the LiveCount Version  5.3 software.

  • LiveCount4.xProjects.ctr or LiveCount5.xProjects.ctr

  • LiveCount4.xStandards.ctr or LiveCount5.xStandards.ctr

  • Electrical Symbols.bmp (if using custom point symbols)

  • Electrical Symbols.txt (if using custom point symbols)

LiveCount Versions 3.0 or above

If you have LiveCount version 3.0 or above installed, you can simply install the version 5.1 release over your existing software. Note: Uninstalling is not required.

LiveCount Versions 2.5 / 2.5.1

You need to uninstall your existing LiveCount software before you install the LiveCount software, version 3.0 update.

LiveCount Server

If you choose to move to the LiveCount Server application, a detailed installation document is available. This document outlines the steps required to properly install the server application, as well as connecting workstations to the network database.