March, 2020



These Release Notes describe the new features and enhancements that are in version 1.6 of the Trimble® Accubid® Anywhere software.  For additional support information, please go to

New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We appreciate your feedback and are continuously evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various improvements have been made to this version with a focus on enhancing the user experience by focusing on improving the overall performance of the application in general with emphasis on certain workflows. This release is the second of many releases focusing solely on performance enhancements. We are confident that these changes will reduce the amount of time you spend idling within the application resulting in a faster and more accurate estimate and overall customer satisfaction.

Performance Improvements & General Enhancements:

Infrastructure Change for Resolver 

The Resolver service is a core service Accubid Anywhere. We are always working to enhance the performance of the service to provide better application performance and better user experience. A major change in this release is introducing an infrastructure change that allows for better handling of Resolver Service Scalability. Better handling of volume of resolution requests.

Designation Enhancements 

Updating the QTY field on any item in Designation was sometimes taking a long time due to the fact that the application was always trying to copy the latest item information, such as Sort Codes, Labor Factor Category, Image, Website,  to the Designation main information. Improvements have been made to the Designations: 

  1. When adding the first Item to a Designation, the application copies the relevant Item information to the Designation Main Info.

  2. Updating the QTY of an existing Item is almost instatiusly  as the application doesn’t try to copy the Item information back to the Degnation Main Info. 

  3. A new context Menu and Toolbar Button called “Use Item Information” have been introduced to allow the user to update the Designation Main Info using any of it’s Items information. 

The new “Use Item Information” functionality allows the user to select an Item and use its Sort Codes, Labor Factor Category, Image, Website in the Designation Main Information, which give the user more control on what information to use. 


Filtering Extensions screen affects the Closeout and Final Pricing screens

In a previous  version we introduced the ability to maintain the filters on the Extension screen. The Extension filtering affected the closeout and the final pricing data where the Final Pricing reflected the filtered Extension data and not the full Extension data. The filtering feature has proven very helpful for all users. However, based on user feedback, most users prefer that the Closeout and Final Pricing data reflect the full Extension Data, not the filtered Extension data. In this release we changed the behaviour of the Extension filtering feature so it doesn't affect the Closeout or Final Price data. The Closeout and Final Price data always reflect the full Extension data.    

Automatically deleting LiveCount browser Cache on browser Startup. 

Working with LiveCount is an essential part of the Anywhere suite. To ensure the best performance and client experience, the application now clears the LiveCount browser’s Cache every time before starting the LiveCount browser. 

Stored Procedures Enhancements 

Accubid Anywhere is always monitored for performance, as a result of this continuous monitoring, we periodically identify certain stored procedures for further optimization. General enhancement has been made to several stored procedures enhancing different parts of the application

Software corrections:

Several bug fixes and software corrections have been made to the software, following are some of the highlights.

Project search causes refresh issue when switching between estimates 

Fixed an issue where if a user has a job open, then opens a second job using the Search functionality on the Job Schedule screen, after opening the second Job, it was noticed the at the first job reflects the same information as the second job, 

Updating Takeoff Resolution Status

Fixed an issue that would cause the Audit trail not to update the resolution status of the takeoffs, in some scenarios,  even though a takeoff has been fully resolved the Audit Trail would continue to show the takeoff in Resolving State. The issue has multiple manifestations such as: 

    Audit Trail not updating the resolution status

    Item show as still resolving but they aren't as you can calculate material & labour

    In Takeoff, When updating Global Variables, the resolution appears to freeze

Print Preview from Print Client/Office Reports - causes error  

Fixed an issue where the user would get errors and cause application delay when trying to Print Preview using the Print Client / Office Report 

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