April, 2019

New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We appreciate your feedback and are continuously evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various improvements have been made to this version with a focus on enhancing the user experience by reducing the time spent looking for, reviewing and filtering estimates and pco’s.  We are confident that these changes will reduce the amount time you spend reviewing data resulting in a faster and more accurate estimate and overall customer satisfaction.


New Features:


Increased Search Capabilities (Project, Estimate, Contract and PCO)

Knowing exactly in which folder and sub-folder a project resides can be difficult at times.  Navigating the project folder tree one folder at a time can be time consuming.  For these reasons we added the ability to search the entire list of projects and with this version we have enhanced this feature to include the option to expand the project folder tree.  This means that the project folder tree will expand to the exact location of the found project.

To initiate this feature, right click on the desired project and select Expand Folder Path and you will notice that the Project Folder Tree will dynamically expand to the folder and sub-folder path location

In addition to this new feature, we are pleased to now offer the ability to search for Estimates, PCOs and Contracts that were previously not visible in the Project Schedule Screen.  This feature will drastically reduce the amount of time estimators and project managers will spend looking through individual folders and projects to locate a specific estimate, contract or PCO.  To activate this search click on the Search icon in the toolbar and select if you are searching for an estimate, contract or PCO:

  1. The search criteria requires a minimum of 3 characters and is searching for those characters anywhere within the Name or Number field.

  2. You can further refine your search results by typing within the toggle filter row in the dialogue box.

When you have located the Estimate, Contract or PCO that you wanted double click the row and it will automatically open.


Hide Deleted Estimates and PCOs

A feature that has been requested often is to have the ability to hide deleted estimates and proposed change orders (pco’s).  This new feature now allows you to decide if you want to see deleted estimates and pco’s or hide them. You can do this by selecting the Hide Deleted ICON from the toolbar.


Budget Estimating

Pricing work with a limited design has always been a challenge and to help with this we have expanded the functionality of Breakdown Typicals to accept a value to 3 decimal points (1.000).  This will accommodate using takeoff from a previous estimate with a factor applied to price a similar job with limited design to come up with a budgetary number.

General Enhancements:


Improved Designation Workflow

We have modified several areas within Designations to help reduce the amount of time it takes to review Designation information and to assist with catching costly mistakes.

We have added a Takeoff QTY Column to the Designation module.  This will allow you to quickly scan your list of Designations during a bid review with the purpose of locating a Designation that does not contain takeoff.  This could indicate that it may have been missed.


A significant change that was made to the Designation workflow was to provide you a better way of visualizing the total material and labor hours associated with your individual Designations.  We found that many of you struggled with having to select all of the items in a fixture Designation and consolidate them to see the component $ and Labor. This is very time consuming and can lead to errors if you forget to deselect parts of your Designation that will not be quoted with the fixture.  We have now implemented a Consolidated Price and Labor summary along with a Total Price and labor summary. This is visible in both the Designation Module as well as Extension screen.


Designation Module:

Extension Screen:

We have also changed the behaviour when you copy and paste a designation into a folder in the Designation Module.  Previously it would paste to the top of the list and the user would have to drag the new copy to the correct location in the list.  Now it will paste to the bottom of the list to follow a more natural workflow where you create your Fixture list in the order that they appear in the Fixture schedule.


Last, but certainly not least, you now have the ability to copy Designations that have been taken off from the Audit trail of one estimate to another.

Filtering Enhancements

Filtering has always been a powerful function of the software and based on customer feedback we’ve made some improvements in this area as follows:


  • Filtered Extension and PCO schedule now shows the total of what is filtered instead of the original total from the unfiltered view

  • Filters that you set on the Extension screen will remain until you clear the filter or exit the estimate.  This will help when reviewing a bid where the workflow consists of filter information in Extension and move around the application.  With this change, you will no longer need to reset your filter everytime you come back to your Extension screen.

  • In takeoff you now have the ability to filter by Hanger Type, Labor Type and Attachment.


NOTE: We have protected this feature by security permissions at both a Security Manager level as well as a User Permission level.  We took this precaution because of the impact to performance that this filtering action can have especially in a multi user environment with a very large Audit Trail.  


To enable the feature you have to first identify in Security Manager if you want to allow your user to change the setting.  This can be found in Enterprise Manager>Security Manager>Project>Modify Hanger Filtering. If the setting is Full this allows the user to decide for themselves if they want to enable this feature.  The user setting to enable the feature is in Menu>Settings>Options>Takeoff/Extension>Hanger Filtering. Set that to YES if you want to be able to use this new feature.


One other point, you are not able to change your user setting if you are already in TakeOff.


Performance Improvements

General enhancements have been made to the way the program handles copy and pasting takeoff.  These changes will result in better overall performance when copy and pasting, especially in a multi-user scenario.


Bug Fixes:


Update PCO Templates

Update Template functionality is now enabled in PCOs as it has been in Estimates.

Security Permissions (Global Items and Global Assemblies)

We have addressed the issue where users with no permissions to Global Items and Global Assemblies were able to gain access through the estimate and cause changes to the master database.


Updating Discount Groups to “Blank”

You can now use Power Search and Update to set your item Discount Group to <Blank>