July, 2020


These Release Notes describe the new features and enhancements that are in version 1.7 of the Trimble® Accubid® Anywhere software.  For additional support information, please go to http://mep.trimble.com/support

New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We appreciate your feedback and are continuously evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various improvements have been made to this version with a focus on enhancing the user experience by focusing on improving the overall performance of the application in general with emphasis on certain workflows. This release is the second of many releases focusing solely on performance enhancements. We are confident that these changes will reduce the amount of time you spend idling within the application resulting in a faster and more accurate estimate and overall customer satisfaction.



New Features:

Robust application communication for handling intermittent loss of Internet connection

The Accubid Anywhere application relies on a stable internet connection for its communications to the cloud. In many cases, a user could experience a temporary drop in their internet connection resulting in Accubid Anywhere losing connection to the servers and having to shut down. In this release, we have implemented a more robust application communication allowing the application to handle the user’s intermittent internet disconnects and be more tolerant of unstable network connections. Now, when the application experiences a loss of internet connection, it will not close, however, it will keep on trying to connect back to the server until it determines that a stable internet connection can not be re-established, at which point the application will prompt the user that the application is shutting down. 


Auto close application at a specific time

For better application security and license management, the application will auto shut down at midnight local time. The application will prompt the user that it will be shutting down, and a message will be logged and displayed in the Windows Notification Center.


Showing message in Windows Notifications Center.

The Accubid Anywhere application posts messages in the Windows Notification Center logging the application closing time when the application automatically closes.    


Added command-line options for Anywhere install

Added command-line options to the Accubid Anywhere installer enabling the end-user to customize the application installation based on the user’s needs without having to run the installer user interface. To run the command-line, use the following syntax /quiet [OPTION]=0 to prevent a component from being installed. The available component options are:


Anywhere Estimating


Anywhere Item Update


Anywhere Database Manager


Anywhere Report Center


Anywhere Estimating Shortcut


Anywhere Item Update Shortcut


Anywhere Database Manager Shortcut


Anywhere Report Center Shortcut


Performance Improvements & General Enhancements:

Several performance improvements and general enhancements have been made to the software, the following are some of the highlights.


  • Enhanced the performance of Re-Extend process on the Extension Screen 

  • Enhanced the performance of Update Global Variables on Takeoff screen

  • Enhanced the performance of switching between Takeoff screen and Extension screen

  • Enhanced the performance of switching between Takeoff screen and Designation screen

  • Update the LiveCount chromium-browser to the latest version

  • Enhance the performance of Multi-Row Cost Allocation

    • Selecting multiple rows on any of the closeout screens to set or clear cost allocation has been significantly enhanced

  • Database Enhancements

    • Accubid Anywhere databases and servers are always monitored for performance; as a result of this continuous monitoring, we periodically identify certain stored procedures for further optimization. General enhancement has been made to several stored procedures enhancing different parts of the application.


Software corrections:

Several bug fixes and software corrections have been made to the software; the following are some of the highlights.

Refresh issue switching from Designation screen to Takeoff screen 

Fixed an issue where if a user goes to the Takeoff screen then switches to the Designation screen where they modify (add/delete) folders or Designation to the Designation tree, then they switch back to the Takeoff screen,  the user didn’t see the latest changes in the Designation tree until they do a manual refresh of the tree. 


PCO Schedule not updating

Fixed an issue where the PCO schedule was not updating itself after reloading the Final Price screen.


Able to copy/paste assemblies in Global assemblies without permission

Fixed an issue where a user was able to paste a Global Item/Assembly into the Global Item/Assembly Tree from within Accubid Anywhere Estimating. Global Item/Assembly Tree modifications should be done from Accubid Anywhere Database Manager only.


large value in item attribute causes resolver failing to resolve 

Fixed an issue where if a user un-intentionally creates an Item Attribute Value with a large value higher than ( 214,748.3647) caused failed resolution for all takeoffs 


Cancelling Linking an unlinked annotation in LiveCount results in orphan annotations

Fixed an issue where if a user is in the process of linking an existing takeoff to an unlinked annotation in LiveCount, then the user cancels the linking process from LiveCount when in link/draw mode the cancellation process would cause the unlinked annotation in LiveCount and the Takeoff in Anywhere to be out of sync. We noticed two distinct outcomes: first:  the Takeoffs shown in LiveCount appear to be linked to Accubid, by being highlighted ‘green’ and solid (no opacity), but cannot be found in Accubid Anywhere. Second: Takeoffs are actually visible in Anywhere’s audit trail,  but not actually linked to the LiveCount annotation, while Takeoffs shown in LiveCount appear to be linked to Accubid, by being highlighted ‘green’ and solid (no opacity), but the counts are not the same as what is in LiveCount. If you double click on the item in Accubid, the count entry is ‘White’ and not linked to the count in LiveCount


Product Assistance

Trimble offers several avenues to obtain help using the Trimble Accubid Anywhere software program.

Trimble MEP Client Services

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Note – the office is closed on major holidays.


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