October, 2020

This document provides basic information about new features, enhancements, and modifications in version 1.8 of the Trimble® Accubid® Anywhere software.  


These Release Notes describe the new features and enhancements that are in version 1.8 of the Trimble® Accubid® Anywhere software.  For additional support information, please go to http://mep.trimble.com/support

New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We appreciate your feedback and are continuously evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various improvements have been made to this version with a focus on enhancing the user experience by focusing on improving the overall performance of the application in general with emphasis on certain workflows. This release is the second of many releases focusing solely on performance enhancements. We are confident that these changes will reduce the amount of time you spend idling within the application resulting in a faster and more accurate estimate and overall customer satisfaction.

Performance Improvements & General Enhancements:

Several performance improvements and general enhancements have been made to the software, the following are some of the highlights.

New Redesigned Formula Parser

The ability to define formulas to calculate the quantities within an item or an assembly at takeoff time is one of the most powerful features of the application. The formulas are parsed and calculated during the items’ or assemblies’ resolution. In this release the formula parsing engine that drives this process has been completely redesigned. The new formula parser is able to perform faster consuming less memory and less server resources, which means faster resolution time for items and assemblies that have formulas.  


Ability To Delete / Restore Livecount Takeoffs Across Multiple Drawings 

In Accubid Anywhere Estimation did not allow the deletion of takeoffs that do not belong to the current active drawing.

In this release this behaviour has been modified. Users are now able to select any group of takeoffs and delete them in one operation regardless of the drawing they takeoff belongs to. The selected takeoffs marked for deletion can belong to the same active drawing, or each can belong to a different drawing, or the takeoff can be a multi-page takeoff expanding through multiple drawings. 

Longer Breakdown Description

In this release the length of the Breakdown description has been extended from a maximum of 80 characters to a maximum of 256 characters. This increase gives the user the ability to have a better descriptive Breakdowns and help the user remove any ambiguity when selecting a Breakdown to use.

Database Enhancements

Accubid Anywhere databases and servers are always monitored for performance; as a result of this continuous monitoring, we periodically identify certain stored procedures for further optimization. General enhancement has been made to several stored procedures enhancing different parts of the application. 

Software corrections:

Several bug fixes and software corrections have been made to the software; the following are some of the highlights.

Selection Of Non-takeoff Tab Reverts Livecount To The All Drawings Page 

Fixed an issue where if the users changes tabs leaving the Takeoff tab and going to another tab within the same job would cause the LiveCount screen to switch to the All Drawings page. With this release, changing tabs within the same job will not affect the LiveCount screen. 

Unable To Save Changes On Closeout Screens When Connection Is Lost, And Then Reconnected 

Fixed an issue where if the application briefly loses internet connection but is able to reconnect again within the allowed time span, the user couldn’t save the latest change they were working on when the disconnect happened. The user would have to discard their latest change in order to continue working. In this release, the user can save their latest change and continue working as normal. 

Row Expanding Plus Symbol Is Reversed 

Fixed an issue where the row expanding Plus symbol is shown in reverse order where it becomes greyed out when it is enabled and functional and becomes bold when it is disabled and non functional. This visual misrepresentation has been corrected. 



Sub Takeoffs Showing Up As Un-resolved After Previously Being Locked First.

Fixed an issue where a previously resolved and locked takeoff with sub takeoffs would show as unresolved when the user performs another takeoff that includes sub takeoffs. 

Sub-takeoff Trace Disappear In Livecount When Filtering Using Systems

Fixed an issue where if the user creates a takeoff and a sub takeoff under one system (SYS1) for example. Then performs another takeoff using a different system (SYS2). When the user applies a filter using System (SYS1) on Anywhere, the traces for the sub takeoff would disappear on LiveCount 

Labor Hours Displayed For A Takeoff In The Audit Trail Revert To Previously Calculated Value

Fixed an issue where the user would experience the value of the Labor Hours changing on the audit trail screen to a previously calculated value for no apparent reason. If the user makes a change in the Field Labor on the Extension screen, then goes back to the takeoff screen, recalculates the material and Labor values causing the Labor Hours to change on the audit trail to the correct calculated value. If the user changes to the Extension screen and changes back to the Audit Trail, the Labor Hours would revert back to the original value before making any change on the Extension screen   

Print Report - Does Not Print Field Codes From Notes On Job Info Screen

Fixed an issue where some Fields Codes didn’t display the intended value of the Field Code, but rather kept displaying the actual Field Code when used in the Job Notes. The issue has been resolved and now the user can insert any of the defined field codes in the Job Notes and will be able to print them correctly on the reports.       

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