December, 2020

This document provides basic information about new features, enhancements, and modifications in version 1.9 of the Trimble® Accubid® Anywhere software.  These Release Notes cover the following topics:

►  Introduction

►  New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

►  Product Assistance

►  Legal Notices


These Release Notes describe the new features and enhancements that are in version 1.8 of the Trimble® Accubid® Anywhere software.  For additional support information, please go to

New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We appreciate your feedback and are continuously evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various improvements have been made to this version with a focus on enhancing the user experience by focusing on improving the overall performance of the application in general with emphasis on certain workflows. This release is the second of many releases focusing solely on performance enhancements. We are confident that these changes will reduce the amount of time you spend idling within the application resulting in a faster and more accurate estimate and overall customer satisfaction.

Performance Improvements & General Enhancements:

Several performance improvements and general enhancements have been made to the software, the following are some of the highlights.

New Redesigned Vendor Pricing

Vendor Pricing is one of the most important functionalities within Accubid Anywhere, which allows the user to connect directly with their preferred Vendors/Suppliers to accurately and quickly obtain the latest applicable pricing for the components and materials needed for the job. The accuracy and speed of obtaining these direct customizable prices give the user the ability to make the correct pricing decision to help the user in winning the job. 

In this release, Trimble has redesigned the vendor pricing to give the user the best performance and user experience possible, while maintaining the accuracy of the information. The new Vendor Pricing functionality has the following features: 

  • Run asynchronously in the background

Currently, once the user starts the Vendor Pricing process, they can’t continue using the application until the Vendor Pricing has been completed and the form is closed. The new Vendor Pricing allows the user to close the Vendor Pricing form at any point of time after initiating the process of getting prices. Closing the form at this point will not cancel the process of obtaining prices from the vendors, however, it only pushes the form to the background allowing the user to continue using other part of the application while the Vendor Pricing process is continuing to work on other parts of the application

  • Enhanced Notification 

Multiple notifications have been added to the Vendor Pricing process to enhance the user experience while using the application. In addition to the messages being displayed within the application, messages will also be displayed in the windows messaging center. 


  • Job Vendor Pricing History  

Job Vendor Pricing History is a powerful addition to the Vendor Pricing allowing users to see the full History of Vendor Pricing showing the user who executed the vendor pricing and  the results of each run. 


 Update Global Variables

This release includes a major performance enhancement to the process of updating Global Variable for takeoffs. This enhancement reduces the processing time of updating Global Variables; it also made the processing time linear -- no matter how many takeoffs are affected by the Global Variable Update, the process takes the same time.

Adding Parts to Designation

The process of adding parts to Designation has been significantly improved, especially adding a fully defined assembly with fully defined parts. 

Deleting Parts

The process of deleting parts from a Designation, Item Editor, Assembly Editor has been significantly improved reducing the time it takes to delete a part, enhancing the user experience and application workflow. 

Database Enhancements

Accubid Anywhere databases and servers are always monitored for performance; as a result of this continuous monitoring, we periodically identify certain stored procedures for further optimization. General enhancement has been made to several stored procedures enhancing different parts of the application. 

Software corrections:

Several bug fixes and software corrections have been made to the software; the following are some of the highlights.

Switch From Imperial To Metric Is Not Reflected In Update Global Variable 

Fixed an issue where if the users changes the job’s unit of measure from imperial to metric, this change would not be reflected on Update Global Variable list, Attribute Combinations, Takeoff variables. These lists would still be displaying the wrong unit of measurement.

Folder Security Override Settings Were Not Applied 

Fixed a vulnerability in the Project Folder permissions where permissions were being applied incorrectly. 

Incorrect Vendor Pricing data for Metric Jobs

Fixed multiple issues where that caused some data in the Vendor Pricing to display incorrectly for Matric Jobs. Such as: on the results tab, the Budget Price and Quantities were incorrect; when standard length setting is turned on, quantities were incorrectly displayed.           

Product Assistance

Trimble offers several avenues to obtain help using the Trimble Accubid Anywhere software program.

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Note – the office is closed on major holidays.

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