December, 2014


The Classic Estimating, version 12.5.1, software is compatible with the following applications:

  • Trimble® Accubid LiveCount™ software, version 4.0.1 - The LiveCount application allows you to use an electronic project drawing to measure and count items.
  • Trimble® Work Management software - Integrated into the Trimble® Accubid Time & Material Billing software: Provides intelligent scheduling tools for those companies with a mobile workforce.



Classic Estimating Software

  • The Final Price tab now calculates automatically when values are changed in other screens. No additional process is required to update these final values.
  • The selection list under the Probe Options / General tab no longer specifies the LiveCount™ software version number (Takeoff / Configure Probe). For compatibility information, please refer to the Technical Specifications for the Classic Estimating product on the website.

Time & Material Billing/ChangeOrder Software

  • When you change your Windows screen resolution to Medium (125%) or Large (150%), the layout of a Time & Material Billing or ChangeOrder PDF file now reflects proper formatting based on the resolution selected.
  • For customers upgrading from versions prior to 11.0.1 only: All data is retained as expected after upgrading to the current version and then performing a rescan of your database.


Install Update Recommendation

Depending on the version you are upgrading from, the update may take additional time. Trimble recommends that you install software updates during the least busy time of your day.