November, 2012


  • The option to select different method of calculating Labor Overhead on Final Pricing screen is once again available in the BidWinner and BidWinner Plus tiers of the software.
  • Probe settings now makes reference to LiveCount 3 (rather than 2.5).
  • An option to not auto link count and length values from LiveCount™ is now present in the software.
  • LiveCount based designation takeoffs that were reversed are now updated with the correct quantity after adding points (no longer produces positive results).
  • When you go to Job > Save As, the All options checkbox is now selected by default.
  • The LiveCount Resync functionality now includes Adder lengths.
  • Hours and costs are no longer included in summary rows when exported to the mpx format.
  • The Save As command now clears references to the original LiveCount project on Designations.


  • Direct and Indirect Labor screens: The Rate column is not alarmed when Full Cost > 0.00 and Rate = 0.00.

Time &Material Billing

  • The schedule screen now loads as expected after selecting any quarterly schedule filter copied from the company template (or any other company).
  • In some cases, a Fixed System Out Of Memory error was generated on migrations from v9 to v11. This issue has been resolved.
  • Loading the application after converting a migrated company from v10 to v11 that has aninvalid (null) month in a Filter now works as expected.
  • The status in the header /title for work order reports has been removed.

Database Manager

When printing common assemblies, Fct2 prints correct amounts (as displayed on screen).