February, 2014

Trimble® Accubid Classic Estimating Software

Periodically, Trimble provides software releases that include modifications and enhancements to our software applications. We are pleased to announce the Version 12 release for our Classic Estimating software product line. This document provides you with important information pertaining to the feature modifications included in this release of our software.


Classic Estimating / ChangeOrder

  • “Best-fit” grid control option can now be selected in most grids.
  • Designation “break link” functionality has been added in this version (BidWinner and Pro only).
  • You now have the option to not calculate Overhead and Mark-up taxes.
  • The Cost Allocation dialog includes a new “Clear all Breakdowns” option (Pro only).
  • Cost Allocations is available in labor screens starting with this release (Pro only).
  • A new Quoted Material selection item list is available (ChangeOrder only).
  • Classic Estimating now supports TRA-SER® Link Specification 2.
  • A database labor value column has been added to the Extension screen
  • You can now print Subs and Quote rows for any single vendor.
  • The Extension now includes a weight column.
  • General Expense and Equipment modifications (Pro only):

-Auto-allocation of General Expenses and Equipment can now be based on Labor only.
-These columns are now non-editable in the Bid Breakdown when the auto-allocate option is selected.

  • Takeoff Modifications:

-Takeoffs now include a date and time stamp.
-In this release, Audit Trail notes display in the tooltips.

  • Final Pricing modifications:

-A % column has been added to the Change Final Pricing tab.
-The PrSum field is now renamed “Key Indicators”. .

Time & Material Billing

  • You can now set a default client state.
  • You can now print WorkOrder form (even when a job has existing takeoffs).
  • A Client Name column is now available in the Schedule screen.
  • On the Job Info screen, the Report selection box is now located below the Job Type. This change makes it more convenient when selecting report options (dependent on Job Type).

Additional Modifications (affects all Classic applications)

When printing, you can now choose specific page sizing.

Steps to Install Update

Tip - Trimble recommends that you install software updates during the least busy time of your day. Depending on the version you are upgrading from, the update may take additional time.