September, 2014

Enhancements/Modifications - Classic Estimating Software

  • When you edit a takeoff in the Edit Takeoff window, messages pertaining to possible missing information now display only after you click the OK button.
  • Modified fields from within the QuotePad screen (QPad tab) are now retained on a consistent basis.
  • You can now view status update information when viewing task information. This allows you to view all pertinent job information from one screen.

Time & Material Billing Software

Integration with the Trimble® Work Management software has been added in this release. The Work Management software provides an efficient scheduling and tracking method for tasks required on a job site. You can create and submit a task from the Time & Material Billing software to the Work Management application. Data is updated between the two applications on a regular basis so you will always have up-to-date information pertaining to the status of your task/job.

Refer to the online help system for detailed instructions on creating and submitting a task/job from the Time & Material Billing software application to the Work Management application.

Tip - For more information about the Trimble Work Management software, please contact your Trimble Sales Representative.

  • Converting Time & Material Billing databases from previous releases to a current release now works as expected.
  • From time-to-time, using the magnification option in various screens caused issues with visibility of some commands. This issue has been resolved.
  • Deleting a "recovered job" now removes only the recovery and no other related job/data.

Install Update Recommendation

Depending on the version you are upgrading from, the update may take additional time. Trimble recommends that you install software updates during the least busy time of your day.