March, 2016

Time & Material Billing

Intuit QuickBooks Integration

The Time & Material Billing software now offers an integration with the Intuit QuickBooks application. This allows you to enter and track project information in the Time & Material product, but use the QuickBooks application for all of your accounting needs.

Note – Please refer to the Compatibility section in the PDF document for information on supported versions of QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks software integration is activated under Company / Company Info. When you select the Enable QuickBooks Integration checkbox , the QuickBooks Integration wizard opens.

The wizard contains a series of screens that allow you to map the Time & Material Billing and QuickBooks fields and parameters. The settings created in the wizard screens allow proper communication between the two applications.

Note – The wizard screens guide you through various required settings. Keep in mind that you can cancel out of the wizard at any time and no changes are recorded. When you click Finish in the final wizard screen, all selected settings become active. QuickBooks will now be the primary accounting/billing vehicle for your company.

Tip Trimble recommends that you select a date to begin using the integration and invoicing. You cannot go back once the integration is complete.

Considerations/Additional Information

  • The wizard process is required only one time. The communication between the applications remains static until you disable it.
  • The QuickBooks application requires an interface application prior to allowing communication with the Time & Material Billing software. If the application is not installed, you have the opportunity to install it during the wizard process. (This is an Intuit requirement/application.) This is a one time installation.
  • The integration supports only one QuickBooks company to one Time & Material Billing company (per database).
  • The QuickBooks software must be:
    • Available to the person responsible for transferring data between the two applications
    • Installed on a local machine
    • Open and running with the company file active
  • Items from the Time & Material Billing software Totals page are combined in the QuickBooks software based on the mappings set in the wizard; for example, all line items for material (material, overhead, and markup) are combined into one QuickBooks item. The same process applies to labor and other line items from the Time & Material Billing Totals screen.
  • Keep in mind that once you have linked the Time & Material Billing software with the Intuit application, all taxes and terms are handled through QuickBooks. Any changes you wish to make must be completed in the QuickBooks application.
  • Taxes and terms changed in the QuickBooks software (after the integration/export is complete) require an update to the Time & Material Billing database. This is done in the Company Info dialog by clicking "Refresh QuickBooks Information" to bring the new/modified data into the Time & Material Billing database. Note: This also provides the appropriate tax/terms and so on for employees who do not require the QuickBooks software, but use the Time & Material application for invoicing.
  • You can remove the QuickBooks integration at any time by clearing the Enable QuickBooks Integration checkbox under Company / Company Info. Keep in mind that this removes all integration information and returns you to your original Time & Material Billing settings.

Export to QuickBooks

The Export to QuickBooks option is available under the Job / Export / Accounting command. This allows you to export invoices/credit memos from the Time & Material Billing software to the QuickBooks application. The QuickBooks software must be open and running with your company file active to successfully export from the Time & Material Billing application.

Note – The QuickBooks software requires that all items are properly assigned prior to export. If you did not properly assign all required items during the wizard process, the Export dialog allows you to complete the assignments by clicking the Setup button in the Export dialog.

Additional Modifications

The following additional modifications are included in this release of the Classic software.

Classic Software Suite

  • In the Extension screen, alarms now display properly for Final Price and Quoted Material.
  • When a measurement item is selected in the LiveCount software, the associated line item in the Classic Estimating Audit Trail is now properly selected.
  • You can now copy items containing more than 11 characters in Code or Type fields (Classic Estimating/Classic ChangeOrder applications).
  • When merging a sub to a master job, Labor Factor breakdowns are now ordered/indexed properly .
  • Display issues (layout and formatting) have been resolved for the following:
    • Surface devices
    • High resolution monitors

Time & Material Billing Software

  • Job Info Screen modifications
    • The Job Description field is now available. This description is sent to the QuickBooks software, making it easier to locate a specific invoice.
    • The email address field now allows you to include more than one email address (using a semi-colon as a separator). This allows you to send emails to additional recipients who require job information.
  • From time-to-time, the Time & Material Billing Client Name was blank in some records. This issue has been resolved.
  • Data exported from an earlier release of the Time & Material Billing software (Version 9 and before) is now formatted properly when imported into a more recent version of the application.