June, 2016

This document lists new features and modifications in the Trimble Accubid Classic products.


The following additional modifications are included in this release of the Classic software.

Classic Software Suite

  • When connecting to a network drive, it was possible to experience a Hardware I/O error. This has been corrected.
  • Copying items on the Incidental Labor tab now works as expected
  • Page breaks used in Quote Pad now display as expected within reports
  • Report Styles can now be selected when selection is displayed on a secondary monitor
  • Display issues (layout and formatting) have been resolved for the following:
    • Surface devices
    • High resolution monitors

Time & Material Billing Software

  • Occasionally a client would revert to their original name following a rescan. This has been corrected.
  • When a task was created within Work Manager, but no employee was assigned to it was possible for Time & Material Billing Software to abruptly close. This has been corrected.