September, 2017

Better integration with Features and Functions of LiveCount Cloud

If a job in Accubid Classic version 14 gets connected to a job in LiveCount Cloud, users will see fundamental improvements in the way Accubid and the LiveCount client interact and how the data flows between the two products.

Better handling of Master Jobs and Sub Jobs

When using sub jobs connected to a master job in Accubid Classic so multiple estimators collaborate on an estimate, all drawings and measurements of the different sub jobs are now accessible from a single job in LiveCount Cloud, which is directly related to the master job in Accubid Classic version 14.

Applying a sub job filter for a certain sub job in LiveCount Cloud will allow the estimator to see and edit only the measurements for this sub job.

Renaming master jobs and sub jobs will update the job name in LiveCount Cloud once the job is re-opened in Accubid and the connection to LiveCount Cloud is re-established.

Improvements to the “Save Job As” function

When using the Save Job As function in Accubid Classic on a job that is connected to LiveCount Cloud a new option called Create new related job in Live Count Cloud is available. Checking this option allows you to duplicate the job including all drawings and existing take-offs in LiveCount Cloud.

Including takeoffs, typicals, designations, temporary assemblies and items is optional. The new function is available with both the Accubid Classic Estimating as well as the Change Order module.

Tip – Once a master-job or sub-job is associated with Live Count Cloud it cannot be used with LiveCount Desktop and vice versa.

Download and view PDF files from LiveCount Cloud

It is now possible to download files from within the LiveCount Cloud application window. It is also possible to view PDF files that have been uploaded to LiveCount Cloud.

Modifying a job associated to LiveCount Client offline

It is now possible to modify an Accubid job that is associated to LiveCount Cloud even when a connection to LiveCount cloud is not possible, for example, because the Internet connection is temporarily unavailable. A message indicates that some features, such as, changing drawing breakdowns are not available.

Improved integration with LiveCount

When using master jobs and sub jobs it is now possible to take over the quantities from the different sub jobs and move them into the master job upon merge.

Job Backup

Accubid Classic will now automatically create a local job backup. The default location for the backup file is C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\Accubid{app name}. The user can pick an alternative local folder as backup location. Users encountered issues when the backup file was stored in the same folder like the job files but access to that folder was temporarily unavailable.

General Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes

We appreciate the feedback and are continuously improving and evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various smaller improvements to features and functions that have been requested from the field have been made with this version that will further improve the user experience and customer satisfaction.

Accubid Classic - Estimating

  • Added a field code for “price per unit area” to the price summary sheet
  • Added a field code for job description from the job description tab and add it to notes and the QuotePad
  • Added a column for “job completed” to schedule screen
  • Find and Replace descriptions for Common Assemblies
  • Accubid Classic will now attempt to reconnect to the material database automatically a number of times before showing a message allowing the user to retry manually.
  • Ability to assign a Quick take-off code to temp assemblies

Accubid Classic – Change Order Module

  • Ability to hide zeros under general expenses in printed reports
  • Ability to add job site address to reports
  • Ability to create a new database within the change order module

Accubid Classic – Time & Material Billing Module

  • Ability to add cell phone number to reports in the Time & Material Billing module

Ability to show state and zip code on the schedule screen of the Time & Material Billing module