June, 2014
Classic Estimating Software
  • Global Default Settings now update in the database as expected.
  • The Find command is now working as expected in various screen throughout the software (for example, Schedule, Extension).
  • When Autosave is active in Takeoff, any Takeoff notes entered are now included in the saved file.
  • Cost adjustments set on the Quoted Materials tab now calculate accurately based on the adjustment values entered.
  • On the Extension screen, the Total Weight value now calculates based on all individual weight values (with no value limitation).
Time & Material Billing Software
  • When multiple jobs are selected and the schedule screen grid is sorted, the delete command is now disabled. This modification eliminates the possibility of deleting an incorrect file while in sort-mode.
  • Depending on certain conditions, jobs created in older versions of the Time & Material Billing software could not be opened in more recent releases. All jobs can be opened in this release, regardless of when created.
Trimble® Accubid LiveCount™ Software
The following items affect the interface between the Classic Estimating and LiveCount software programs.
  • This release of Trimble Accubid Classic Estimating is compatible with the LiveCount software version 3.0.6.
  • A Multi-User LiveCount database/application is available in this release of Classic Estimating. This is a purchasable, separately licensed application. If you have purchased the application, refer to the LiveCount™ Server Installation document on the Client Portal for information.
Tip – If you are interested in obtaining more details about this application, please contact your Trimble Sales Representative.
  • When taking off a Designation in the LiveCount software, and then subsequently editing the measurement/quantity (in LiveCount), values did not consistently update properly. Values now update as expected.
  • Renamed Designations now display properly in the LiveCount software.
  • Items with an initial count of 1 set in the LiveCount software, and then edited for additional item counts, now update accurately.
  • When a Designation is renamed or modified in the Audit Trail, the modification now also displays in the LiveCount software.
Install Update Recommendation
Depending on the version you are upgrading from, the update may take additional time. Trimble recommends that you install software updates during the least busy time of your day.