June, 2014

We are pleased to announce the 6.0.1 release for our  Enterprise product. This document provides you with important information pertaining to the  feature modifications included in this release of our software.

LiveCount™ Interface

The following enhancements have been incorporated into the interface between the  LiveCount service and Enterprise software applications:

  • When assemblies are set up with both measurement and count variables, you can now  configure the variables to be linked with a single LiveCount measurement.
  • A flag now displays on a takeoff variable when LiveCount is used.
  • You can now disconnect a variable between a takeoff and LiveCount.


You can now perform a takeoff at the item level from both the database tree or the Takeoff  Pad.

Bid Breakdown

In the Bid Breakdown, you can now select a range of cells to unpin.

Enterprise Manager

Assembly Editor Enhancements

You can now pre-define combinations of variable values for assemblies. This streamlines  your takeoff by eliminating the need to define the variables every time you want to take the  combination off. Note: These pre-defined combinations can also be added to your Takeoff  Pad.

Discount Groups

Discount values for each group are now branch specific. When you enter values when  creating a new Discount Group, you first select the associated branch from the list at the top  of the screen.

Additional Modifications


  • The Catalog # and Manufacturer fields remain visible with Vendor pricing.
  • Material Condition on Extension will be defaulted to Normal when it cannot be determined for an item.

Change Order

  • When a calculated Overhead Markup % is out of a valid range based on the PCO value and the CO value, it is now brought within range.
  • The Extension is now editable on when a PCO includes a Bid Summary that does not include all breakdowns.


  • When using the Inline Takeoff mode, and the estimate uses Metric, the calculated quantity based on the entered value is now reflected accurately.
  • When working on a multiple-industry project and you select an estimate, the Takeoff Pad associated with the proper industry opens.
  • Job Items are now available when substituting a takeoff.

Enterprise Manager

  • When moving items up or down in the Enterprise Manager, the screen scrolls allowing you to place the item where desired.
  • A Print button has been added to the ribbon in the Assembly Editor and Item Editor screens.
  • On the Change Management Schedule screen. the Net Cost calculation is now calculated as Extended Net Costs (Qty * Net Cost/ UofM).
  • When inserting a new size into a Specification, previous values remain static.
  • When two or more estimates are open and you go into Closeout, the cost allocation dialog opens only for the active estimate.
  • Exporting an estimate for the first time now includes all appropriate fields (including the Totals row).