August, 2013

What You Receive With Release 6.1

  • New/Enhanced features outlined in this document
  • Updated online help
  • Electronic documentation available on the Trimble Client Portal

Upgrade Procedure

In the installation routine, when you select the Update database option, the  Enterprise software update installs only program modifications and enhancements.  Your existing tables, specifications, and estimates are not impacted in any way.

Compatibility/Technical Support

Operating Systems

This version of the Enterprise software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit  Windows® Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 operating systems. For a more  complete listing of Technical Specifications, please go to our website at to review the technical specifications for the Enterprise software.

Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® Integration

The Enterprise software includes the ability to import drawing data from a Trimble®  PipeDesigner 3D® drawing. Refer to the online help in each of the software  applications for detailed instructions.

New Features/Enhancements

Note – This document lists new features/enhancements/modifications according to  the following categories:

  • Enterprise Estimating/Change Management -  Features are applicable to the Estimating and Change Management modules.
  • Enterprise Estimating/Enterprise Manager -  Features affect both the Estimating and Manager (database) modules.
  • Enterprise Manager -  Features affect the Manager module (database, security, and so on).
  • Price Updates -  Modifications applicable to only importing update pricing.

Enterprise Estimating/Change Management

The following enhancements and modifications have been made in release 6.1 of the  Enterprise software.



A new Audit Trail Calculations setting is available under Settings / Options in the  Takeoff/Extension pane. This setting allows you to decide how the software updates  the Audit Trail when data is changed. The affected fields are Material$, Labor Hrs,  and Labor Factors.

You can select from the following values:

  • On Resolution  Note – This is the currently default setting in the Enterprise software.
    • This setting allows the system to calculate and display values for these  columns for takeoffs resolved in the current Audit Trail and performed by the  current user. Things to keep in mind when selecting this option:
      • Simply changing a value for the fields/columns will not automatically  trigger a refresh.
      • Values will not change until a resolution is triggered.
      • You can right-click on a line in the Audit Trail and then select Calculate  Material and Labor Values to force the software to calculate values for  the selected lines.
    • Never -  When this setting is selected, the Enterprise software will never calculate  values for these items.
    • Always -  The Enterprise software will always calculate the values immediately when  values are changed, this includes changes made to labor factors in Takeoff  Breakdowns. (This is how previous releases of the Enterprise software handled  updated data.)

Project Creation

When a project is created, the Enterprise software now includes the login name of  the individual adding the project. You can view this field in the New Project screen,  as well as in the Info screen. This field is not editable.

Project Creation



Exclusive Mode

You now have the option of opening an estimate in Exclusive Mode. This mode  should be used only by the lead estimator during the closing phase of a job. When  opening the job in Exclusive Mode, only the person who opened the job in this mode  can make changes. For other users opening the estimate, it will be in read-only mode.  Note – The Exclusive Mode security is set in the Security Manager / Enterprise  Manager software.

Estimate Names/Numbers

In previously releases of the Enterprise software, unique estimate names were  required. Release 6.1 allows you to use the same estimate name in another project.  You must, however, assign a unique estimate number. (Estimate numbers cannot  more than one time within the software.)  Note – Within the same project, a unique name is still required per estimate.

Measurement Conversion

This release of the Enterprise software provides for accurate measurement  conversion of areas, weights, and volumes. When you change an estimate from one  unit of measurement to another, a dialog box opens that allows you to select  conversion units.  Note – Trimble has included default lookup tables that cover most requirements for  selection options to complete this conversion. If you need to create additional tables  or edit existing ones, you can accomplish this in the Enterprise Manager application.


In previous releases of the Enterprise software, when an estimate or PCO was set to  Freeze, all filtering was unavailable. This restriction is lifted in the Enterprise 6.1  software release. You can now filter data as required.  Note – The filtering enhancement applies to both estimates and change orders.

Copy Estimates to Change Order

This release now offers the ability to copy an estimate to a change order, as well as the associated takeoff data.

Copy Estimates to change order


PCO Export

The Enterprise 6.1 software release supports exporting PCOs to a CSV, Excel, or MPX  format. This procedure works similar to exporting an estimate.  Note – Exporting a PCO to a template is not supported in the Enterprise software at  this time.

Files and Links


You now have the ability to attach files and links in the PCOEditor.

Files and Links



In this release of the Enterprise software, costing is no longer done within the  Designation. It is now accomplished through the Quote screen (in Closeouts). This  allows you to distribute quotes across all desired line items in Designations instead of  manually entering quotes for each. (click to enlarge)


Designations 2

Additional enhancements include the following:

  • You can create Incidentals and job items "on-the-fly" when you need them.
  • Designations can easily be moved from one folder to another using drag-anddrop.
  • Labor hours and costing can be distributed automatically.

Note – This feature is also available in existing projects; however, previously entered  data is not affected by this change. Your current data remains unchanged.



The audit trail will now display an icon for sub-takeoffs

Takeoff Mode

Release 6.1 of the Enterprise software offers the ability to quickly change between  takeoff modes from within the Takeoff module. A new selection list is available in the  Takeoff Breakdowns pane to accommodate this modification. When you want to  change the mode, simply click and select the Takeoff Mode you want to use.

Takeoff mode

Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® Integration

This release of the Enterprise software includes integration with the Trimble  PipeDesigner 3D application. If you have the PipeDesigner 3D software, you can  export a drawing and then import it into the Enterprise software. This creates a  takeoff/audit trail based on the items included in the drawing.  Note – The PipeDesigner 3D software is a three-dimensional piping design software  system based on AutoCAD® compatible software. It is designed specifically for  mechanical contractors, engineering firms, and manufacturers, who build, fabricate  or design piping systems. This 3D piping design software uses Trimble's proprietary  Virtual Solids Modeling Engine and is easy for both novice and experienced CAD  operators to use.  Contact your Trimble Sales Representative for more information on the PipeDesigner  3D® product.


Vendor Pricing Exports/Imports

Several enhancements have been made to the Vendor Pricing Export/Import  process:

  • When you export vendor pricing to a spreadsheets, instead of the file name  defaulting to the same name with each export, the name now defaults to [Job  Number]_[Vendor Name].xlsx. This eliminates confusion when sending and  receiving quote sheets to/from vendors.
  • You can now email a spreadsheet directly to the vendor from within the  Enterprise software by clicking the Email file button. You do not need to  manually export the vendor pricing when using this process; however, you  must have an email program installed on the computer where you have the  Enterprise program installed.
  • If you attempt to import pricing from a spreadsheet that contains another  vendor's name, the Enterprise software displays a confirmation message to  ensure this is what your intent is. This eliminates accidentally importing prices  for the incorrect vendor.

Subcontractor/Vendor Quotes

When you hover your mouse over a vendor/subcontractor name in the appropriate  quotes screen, a tooltip displays with the vendor/subcontractor address and phone  number. This provides quick contact information to you.  Item Editor  The Item Editor now allows you to enter wall thickness when editing or creating  items.  Note – This feature will be useful for Mechanical estimators.


In this release of the Enterprise software, the Field Labor fields in the Extension  module are open/editable. The default value pulls directly from the Designation;  however, you can modify this value if desired.

  • When you modify the value, it will show as pinned. You can unpin the field  using the right-click menu.
  • Unpinned values will be restored to the default (from the Designation).
  • Re-extending causes the value to automatically become unpinned.
  • Field hours remain as read-only.



Specification Breakdowns Order

You now have the ability to organize the Specification Breakdowns as desired using  drag and drop. This allows you to order the lists in a manner than makes sense for  your company. For example, specifications used more frequently can be moved to  the top of the list, making selection quicker and easier.

specification breadowns order

When you select a Specification,  you can drag it and drop it when the  arrow displays on-screen.

Systems/Add Specification

You no longer need to close the System Definition and then go to Specifications to  create a new specification for assignment to your system. You can now add a  specification through the System Definition (Takeoff Breakdowns) screen. (click to enlarge)

systems/add specification

When you click the  ellipsis button next  to the Specification  field, the Copy  Specification to Job  window opens.

systems add specification


Bid Breakdown

The Bid Breakdown module has been enhanced to provide easier review results of  complex bid processes with multiple breakouts. These modifications also allow you  to determine if there are any items that require further review; for example, items  that are either too high or too low.

  • Bid Item -  This release of the Enterprise software includes an option to view the Bid  Breakdown by Bid Item.
  • Auto Allocation Method -  This feature allows you to allocate costs by combined Material and Labor  Hours, as well as by:
    • Labor Hours only
    • Material only

Bid Breakdown


Enterprise Estimating/Enterprise Manager

The modifications listed in this section apply to both to the Enterprise Estimating and  Enterprise Manager applications.

Field Labels

  • The Sort Code fields have been renamed to Cost Code throughout the  application.
  • In Takeoff Breakdowns, the Area field has been renamed to Unit.

Catalog Number Data Searches

The Enterprise software now allows you to search not only by item name, but by  catalog number.

Catalog number data searches

If you know the catalog  number of the item you need to  use, you can now enter it here  to search the database.

Auto-Filter Rows

This release of the Enterprise software offers improved auto-filtering on various grids  throughout the system.

  • When you right-click on the first line in a grid and select Toggle Filter Row, a  blank line displays.
  • You can enter your filtering parameters in this line for any of the columns.
  • When you do this, only the data matching your input displays in the column.


auto-filter rows

  • You can enter values in the filter rows for any or all columns, which will filter  the data further so see only what you want to.
  • You can clear the value in the filter row for any column at any time to cancel  the filtering in the column.
  • To hide the filter row, right-click in the row and then choose Toggle Filter Row  from the menu.

Note – You can toggle the row off while you are in filter-mode. You should always  check to make sure your grip is not filtered before working in any screen.  In addition we must make sure we cover the scenarios of dealing with filtered grids  (for example: removing blank row, etc.)

Enterprise Manager

Modifications and Enhancements listed in this section apply only to the Enterprise  Manager application.

Security Manager

Additional settings are now available in the Enterprise software. These include:

  • Restrict individuals from working in specific industries
  • Allow specific employees to use Exclusive Mode (see page 7)
  • Permissions required for Takeoff Attributes access (both Estimates and Change  Management modules)

Power Search & Update

In previous releases of the Enterprise software, you could save a save query for use  later. In this release, you can also share a saved query with other users. Because the  query is already created, other users will be able to use it, which will save time.

When you create a query and save it, you can select the Is Global checkbox to share  the query with your workgroup.

power search and update


Note – Trimble recommends that you use consistent naming conventions within your  company so others will know the purpose of the query.

Industry Considerations

This release of the Enterprise software includes the ability to add data to a specific  industry with like names already available in another industry. For example, if your  company is licensed for Electrical, ITS, and Mechanical, and you do not have rights to  use Mechanical, you can now add a company that already exists in the Mechanical  module. Previously, the software did not allow this.


The installation routine no longer requires labor decisions when the application is  installed on your computer. This decision is now required the first time you open the  Enterprise Manager application.  Note – Update customers will also receive this message the first time the Manager is  opened after the release 6.1 is installed. This allows you to subscribe to a labor  service through the application, without requiring a reinstall of the Enterprise  software.

Price Updates

TRA-SER® Format

This release of the Enterprise software supports the TRA-SER specification 2 format.


Accessing the Online Help

The online help is easy to use and is accessible through any of the following  methods:

  • Press the [F1] key at any time while using the program to display help for the  current screen or dialog.
  • Click Menu tab in any screen and then select Help. You can scan the Table of  Contents, use the Index, or the Search functionality to find the information  you are looking for.
  • Use the Index tab to locate key words throughout the help system.
  • Use the Search tab to find specific words used in the help system; for example,  you might search for the word delete for instructions on deleting certain data  from your system.

Trimble MEP Client Services

Before calling Client Services, we suggest you consult the online help. Many of the  common procedures and questions are covered in this system.

Trimble MEP Client Services (Enterprise software) is available between 8:30 a.m. and  8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Note – We are not available on major holidays.

North America

Toll-free Telephone:  1-800-361-3030

Toll-free Fax:  1-888-363-5466

Outside North America

Telephone: 1-905-761-8800

Fax:  1-905-761-1234

Internet e-mail: [email protected]