November, 2013

New Features/Enhancements

Note – This document lists new features/enhancements/modifications according to the following categories:

  • Enterprise Estimating - Features are applicable to the Estimating module
  • Enterprise Estimating/Enterprise Manager Features affect both the Estimating and Manager (database) modules
  • Additional Enterprise Software Modifications Additional features/modifications included in this release.


Settings / Takeoff

In the Settings Module, a new On Demand option for Audit Trail Calculations is available (Settings / Setting Group / Takeoff/Extension).

on demand audit trail calculations


When this option is selected, Material $ and Labor Hours in the Audit Trail display however, the values are populated on demand only. When in Takeoff, when you right-click on the Audit Trail and select Calculate Material and Labor Values populates the fields with current data.

Note – This setting will not affect current settings. If you wish to use the new setting, you must select it in the Options screen.


Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D® Import Improvements

This release of the Enterprise software includes improvements in the Trimble PipeDesigner 3D import functionality.

Tip – Before you can use this feature, you must create an export file from the PipeDesigner 3D software.

pipedesigner 3d import


Enhanced features include:

  • You can now manage mappings within the Enterprise application by clicking the Modify User Mappings button.
    • The PD3D(TM) User Mapping window allows you to view current mappings (as defined in the Enterprise Manager module), if any.
    • You can modify mappings from within the User Mapping window.
    • If mappings do not exist, you must set these after import.

Note – All mappings are job-specific. Modifying mappings within this window does not affect master mappings set in the Enterprise Manager module.

After processing an import, if the Enterprise software cannot locate mapping (based on the information included in the import file), the Map Breakdowns window opens automatically. This allows you to map items in the drawing to Enterprise software items.

map breakdowns window


Additional mapping options are included in this release, for example, Bid Item, Area, Phase, Line number, and Spool. You can click to select an existing field value, or click to create a new item/value.


Additional PipeDesigner 3D Modifications

  • When creating a new job, you now have the option to copy the PipeDesigner 3D mappings

Copy pipedesigner 3d mappings


In the Enterprise Manager module, you now have the ability to view and modify the PipeDesigner 3D to Enterprise software mappings. This is located under Application Manager / PD3D(TM) Class Mappings.


About Trimble® PipeDesigner 3D®

The PipeDesigner 3D software is a three-dimensional piping design software system based on AutoCAD® compatible software. It is designed specifically for mechanical contractors, engineering firms, and manufacturers, who build, fabricate or design piping systems. This 3D piping design software uses Trimble's proprietary Virtual Solids Modeling Engine and is easy for both novice and experienced CAD operators to use.

Contact your Trimble Sales Representative for more information on the PipeDesigner 3D® product.


Enterprise Estimating/Enterprise Manager

The modifications listed in this section apply to both to the Enterprise Estimating and Enterprise Manager applications.

Security Manager

You can now use Windows Authentication or Enterprise Authentication when logging into the Enterprise application. This provides access to the application when Windows Authentication is not available. (This might happen if users are sharing a single remote machine for use of the client.)

When you add a new user to the system in the Enterprise Manager / Security Manager module, you can select the Allow use of Enterprise Authentication checkbox.

enterprise authentication settings


You must then enter a password. When this user logs into the Enterprise software, the user name an password is required.

In the Security Manager / Users screen, a selected checkbox displays next to the user's name indicating that Enterprise Authentication is required.

enterprise authentication checkbox


Note – Clearing the checkbox removes the requirement for Enterprise Authentication. The user can then log in using only Windows Authentication.

When the Application Authentication checkbox is selected, the user must select Enterprise Authentication and enter User Name and Password.

enterprise authentication username and password


Note – The first time the user logs in, a prompt displays requiring a password change. The password set when the user is created is temporary. An Enterprise System Administrator can reset the password from within the Security Manager; however this is a temporary password. The user must create a unique password. This prevents unauthorized access to the database by allowing the user to select a password of their choice.

If an existing user needs to use Enterprise Authentication, an Enterprise system administrator can select the Enterprise Authentication checkbox for that user.

  • A temporary password will be created for the user.
  • The next time the user logs into the Enterprise software, Enterprise Authentication must be selected; User Name and Password are required.
  • The user will need to change the temporary password.


Additional Enterprise Software Modifications

  • Modifications to formatted text in the Takeoff Pad is retained as expected.
  • Vendor Pricing export to Microsoft® Excel® includes the following changes:
    • New column for extended price and total added to the spreadsheet.
    • Total column added next to the unit cost column (to extend out the price) and a total added at the bottom of the spreadsheet (Piping Systems only)
  • The Enterprise software does not allow deletion of items that are currently in use. This release of the Enterprise software provides information on where the item is being used within the application.
  • Updated Report Templates are now available in Report Center.
  • NetPricer™ Service Import now works as expected.