September, 2014

Note – This document lists new features/enhancements/modifications according to

the following categories:

  • Enterprise Manager - Features affect the Manager module (database, security, and so on).
  • Enterprise Estimating - Features are applicable to the Estimating modules

Enterprise Manager

Modifications and Enhancements listed in this section apply to the Enterprise Manager application.

Database Manager

Assembly Editor

You now have the ability to sort Attribute Combinations in the Assembly Editor screen. After you’ve added a new combination, sorting allows you to easily locate attributes you want to view.

Enterprise Assembly Editor


Click in the column header to sort ascending or descending. - OR -You can right-click on the header and then click Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. An arrow displays indicating the sort type.

Custom Takeoff Attributes

The release of the Enterprise software offers the ability to create custom takeoff attributes (under Selection Lists). This provides more flexibility by allowing you to create additional attributes for use in Takeoff.

When you create a new attribute, you must also select the industry where you will be using it, as well as the icon you wish to use with the attribute (A through Z). In Takeoff, the custom attributes display in the Attributes pane under Automatics.

TipWhen selecting a custom attribute in takeoff, the same features as the default attributes are available, such as filtering.

Application Manager

Specification Setup

  • Copy Specifications - When you copy a specification folder, all child folders assigned will also be copied. This allows you to update existing folders or remove folders no longer required in the copied specification.

Enterprise Specification Setup


Parent Folders - A parent folder will include child folders.

Child Folders - A child folder resides within parent folders.

Copy/Paste Functionality -  You can now copy and paste a specification folder to the main Specification Template folder. This functionality was previously disabled.



Typical Takeoffs

  • This release of the Enterprise software allows you to enter up to 999 Typical Takeoff definitions. This provides you with more flexibility when working on a project with many similar areas, for example, a hotel or hospital.
  • Deleting Typical Takeoffs when estimates are copied from one to another now works as expected.

NoteBefore you copy the estimate, you must clear the Takeoffs and Extensions checkboxes. If these checkboxes are selected, you will be unable to delete the Typical Takeoffs due to data dependencies.

Assembly Quantities

This release of the Enterprise software allows input of unlimited assembly quantities. You will find this beneficial when you are taking off large measurements requiring substantial quantities (for example, wire).


  • Drawings
    • The Drawing Rev. # field in the Drawing Definition screen now allows alpha-numeric input.
    • A new Sheet Number column field has been added to the Drawing Definition screen.

Drawing Breakdowns

Rod Length

Rod Length is now calculated based on the absolute difference between Structural Elevation and Item Elevation (resulting in no negative values).

NoteIf no values are entered in the elevation fields, the Rod Length will be rely on settings in the assigned specification.

Rod Length


Assembly Takeoff

When you takeoff a global assembly, then modify parts/quantity, the copy and paste resulting paste now displays the data based on the modifications entered.

Delete Multiple Takeoff Procedure

Deleting multiple takeoffs, while the Hide Deleted Takeoff option is selected, now works as expected. The procedure deletes only those lines selected and no longer deletes any alternate takeoffs.


Field Labor - Labor Adjustment Percentage

A new column has been added to the Extension screen that allows you to adjust Field Labor by a percentage value.

Field Labor Extension


  • The Unit Price view (under Group) will not show this adjustment.
  • The resulting value displays in the Total Field Labor column (with the percentage adjustment taken into consideration).
  • Pinning the field labor field has no effect on the total field hours calculated. The adjustment percentage is applied to the total field labor hours.

Note – In Labor Type view and in Designations, this column is read only. No changes are allowed.

Vendor Pricing

A new Vendor Pricing Unit field has been added to the specific Vendor Pricing / Pricing [tab] dialog.

Vendor Pricing


This field contains the unit of measurement assigned to your project. When you export the Pricing tab information to Microsoft® Excel®, the project unit of measurement is also included. This provides the vendor additional information that enhances the accuracy of the quote.

You can now enter negative values in Vendor quotes.

Cost Codes

If a Cost Code entered is currently in use for another industry, the Enterprise software will now ask if you want to add the industry to the Cost Code you want to use. This allows you to use the same cost codes in all projects for reporting purposes.

Quick Reports (Print Screen)

The Quick Reports option (Grid / Print Screen) available in most windows now allows you to include a header/footer, as well as your company logo. This provides reports personalized to your company.

Quick Reports Print Screen


Additional features include:

  • You can create a report and save the template (under Description/Layout). This report is available for use by other users in the system.
  • You can select the tabs you want included in your report, as well as change the order (using the Move Up or Move Down buttons).
  • You can also select various options on how your report prints.


Description Modifications - You can now edit the Takeoff Description in the Extension screen when the screen is grouped by Unit Price. When you make a change to the item name, the name will change everywhere in your job.

Note – You cannot change the name of a Designation using this method.

Files and Links

Under the View menu, when you click Files and Links, the proper window label now displays.


  • Subcontracts/Quotes - You can now add negative values to the Subcontracts and Quotes screens in the Closeout. This allows more flexibility in applying credits to your  estimates.
  • When multiple estimates for different projects are open, the Bid Summary now list now displays the proper summary options based on the current project selected.
  • Markup on Overhead - When you turn off Markup and Overhead in the Estimate Info screen, the resulting calculations now work as expected.