January, 2015

Enterprise Manager

Modifications and Enhancements listed in this section apply to the Enterprise Manager application.

Security Manager

Under the Details section, you can now define rights for modifying Audit Trail Calculations. Your users can be assigned full rights or no rights. Setting specific users to None (no rights) significantly speeds up processing in the Enterprise application.

In an effort to provide better control and to keep your project folders more

organized, a new security setting is available under the Project section. This setting allows you to define specific users who will have rights to create folder.

NoteThe default setting follows the role. If you want to remove rights from specific users, you must do this manually in the Security Manager.

Enterprise Estimating

The following modifications have been made to the Enterprise Estimating application in version 6.3.1.


  • Cost, Burden, and Fringe averages from the Field Labor tab will now automatically pull through to the Incidental Labor and Labor Factoring tabs. This helps save the time required to complete your estimate. 
  • For Subcontractor Quotes (Closeout / Subcontractor tab), when you have several quotes there are quotes with an empty value, clicking the Low Price button will now accept and display the lowest price on the Subcontractor tab (and not the empty quote).


  • In the Extension, when you collapse a group the position on the screen is properly maintained.
  • When you group an Extension and then create an enhanced report (Extension screen / Grid / Print Screens), the report options selected now properly display in the resulting report.


  • When the LiveCount™ Auto-Launch option is selected and you take off a Designation, the LiveCount software now launches as expected.

Bid Summaries

  • The Bid Summaries dialog (Manage Bid Summaries) now allows you to resize the panels. This allows you to view a longer description in the dialog.

Hover your mouse over the split bar and the resize pointer displays. Drag this pointer in the desired direction.

MCA Unlock Code

When you enter the MCA Unlock Code, the MCA Labor Table now opens as expected.


  • When an assembly contains a size of -0- (zero) item, it now resolves as expected.
  • When you take off an assembly with the same sub-type several times within a job, the Enterprise software no longer populates variable fields with duplicate values from previous assemblies.
  • Percentage variables use in assemblies now calculate the Qty Calculation field as expected.

Report Center

  • The Proposed Change Order (PCO) Report now displays the Request for Pricing (RFP) number, if applicable.
  • In some cases, values in the Report Center module displayed as numbers instead of field labels. This information now displays properly in most cases.