August, 2015

New Features/Modifications

Note – This document lists new features and modifications in the Trimble Accubid Enterprise application. The following modules/areas have been modified.

  • Enterprise Manager
  • Enterprise Estimating
  • Report Center
  • Processing Improvements

Enterprise Manager

Modifications and Enhancements listed in this section apply to the Enterprise Manager application.

  • Power Search & Update - In some cases, when selecting certain parameters in the Power Search& Update module, additional unnecessary data was displayed. The results now display only the data requested.

Enterprise Estimating

Modifications and Enhancements listed in this section apply to the Enterprise Estimating application.

Project Display

The Enterprise Estimating software provides several methods to display windows in the application. You can set your preferred option under Menu / Window.

Beginning with this release, the default project display method will be Display as Tabs. This method provides easy access to the projects you have open in your estimating session, as well as to your project schedule.

When you install this release of the Enterprise software as an update to a previously installed version, your current settings will not change; however, if you install as a new user, the new setting becomes effective.


  • Job Items/Assemblies
    • When you add a job item as a sub-takeoff to a takeoff, it will be retained when the takeoff is copied from one job to another.
    • Adding a job assembly as a sub-takeoff to a takeoff, all items (including any job items) will be retained when the takeoff is copied from one job to another.
  • Filters - You can now filter the Audit Trail to show only takeoffs with sub-takeoff.
  • Assemblies
    • When in Advanced Takeoff mode, values entered in assembly variables are now calculated as expected.
    • When you take off an assembly in Detailed Takeoff mode and enter a count or quantity, the value is now automatically saved. You no longer need to press [Enter] on your keyboard.
  • Material $/Labor Hours - When you copy and paste takeoff lines, the Material $ and Labor Hours values display as expected in the Audit Trail.
  • Takeoff Pad
    • You can now add a spacebar to the Takeoff Pad. This provides you with the
      ability to toggle a checkbox selection on/off directly from the TakeOff Pad.
    • Keyboard functions allow allows you to work solely from the Takeoff Pad without the requirement to go back and forth from the pad to the keyboard.
  • LiveCount™ Drawings - From time-to-time, when multiple users were working in different projects, the incorrect drawing opened in the LiveCount software. The software now consistently pulls the correct drawing based on the selected Takeoff Breakdown.
  • Detailed Takeoff Mode - The Takeoff Attribute icons now automatically display on-screen. A manual refresh of the screen is no longer required.
  • Measure Takeoff Dialog - Headers have been reinstated in this dialog. This allows you to resize the columns as needed to display all data.
  • Drawing Scale - When taking off using a digitizer, the scale originally selected for the drawing remains static.
  • Designations - When the Display designations as pad checkbox is selected , and you take off consecutive Designations, the Designations tab remains focused.
  • Copy Takeoffs - When you copy a takeoff from another job, it will now automatically copy any variables and values are also copied. This applies even if the Global Assembly itself has changed.
  • Breakdowns - When you insert a new row in the first position in a takeoff breakdown, it now displays in the breakdown as the first breakdown in the selection list. It will also be automatically selected when you copy takeoffs.
  • Assemblies - When taking off a global or job assembly, you no longer have to press [Enter] to save the quantity or measure values. These values are automatically saved.
    Note: This also affects sub-assemblies.


  • Insert/Add Copied Items - When you copy and paste a Designation, you now have the option to specify the location where you want the pasted data to display. An Insert Cut/Copied Row(s) After command is available on the ribbon, as well as the right-click
    menu. This will insert your copied row after the selected row in the grid.
    • Note – If the folder does not contain any data, the menu command is to Add Cut/Copied Rows. This places the pasted row in the first line position.
  • Assembly Attributes - When you add an Assembly to a Designation, attributes are now automatically populated if you have only one attribute per part, and it is not determined based on a formula.
  • Job Items - Copying Designations from one estimate or job to another, now also includes all Job Items that are part of the copied Designation, as well as the associated job item folder structure.


  • Specification Grouping - You can now group the Extension by Specification.
    • This feature is available in both Estimates and Proposed Change Orders
    • Grouping by Specification is now also available in the Bid Breakdown module.
    • Tip – When the Bid Breakdown is grouped by Specification, it will be read only. No changes can be made when grouped.
    • Note – Because specifications are not applicable to the BidWinner or Change Management Standard tiers of the Enterprise software, this feature is not available in those modules.
  • Labor Calculations - When you delete a takeoff, change Job Weight Factors values for an item, and then subsequently undelete the takeoff, the Extension now properly reflects labor calculations based on the changed value.
  • Field/Value Display - The following modifications/enhancements pertain to how/when fields and values display in the Extension.
    • Labor Condition - The Labor Condition now displays in the Extension, providing all of the takeoffs for an item are based on the same Labor Type. If more than one labor type is used for any item, the Labor Condition will be blank.
      • Note – Update customers may have customized the Extension grid. Because of this, the installation routine does not modify custom layouts. If you wish to show this field in the Extension screen, you can manually add it. Refer to the Final Steps section in this document for instructions on adding the Labor Condition column.
      • For new installations of the Enterprise software, the default layout includes the Labor Cond. column.
    • Typical Takeoff - When you remove a count from a Typical Takeoff, it now resolves as expected.
    • Takeoff Breakdowns - When a takeoff is reassigned from a normal breakdown to a typical takeoff breakdown, the extension now calculates properly.
    • Material $/Labor Hours - Occasionally, when the Extension was grouped, the values in the Material $ and Labor Hours fields did not agree with the “ungrouped” view. This may occur when the Enterprise application was closed before the takeoff was completely resolved. Both views now agree.
    • Total Labor Field - The Total Field Labor field now rounds up or down as expected.

Bid Summary Values

When an estimate has multiple Bid Summaries, and you make a change on any of the Closeout screens, the values entered now automatically save. You no longer need to move to another row or press [Enter] on your keyboard.


The Description field displays is now limited to 64 characters. This limit should eliminate truncation of the field (in most cases).

Report Center

  • The Estimate report template has been updated to properly reflect date a price changed (Price Date).
    • Note – If there is no value in the Price Date field, this field will be blank in the report.
  • In the Final Pricing screen, the order has been changed as follows: Net Cost, Selling Price, F inal Price.

Processing Improvements

Several modifications have been made to the Enterprise software that significantly improve processing time. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing Multiple Takeoffs to a different Takeoff Breakdown
  • Grouping Extensions
  • Quotes tab now loads faster
  • Loading of assemblies with numerous parts
  • Resolving Takeoffs when multiple users logged in (Assemblies)
  • Closeout calculations
  • Exporting estimates to a Microsoft® Excel® template
  • Copying jobs
  • Changing Takeoff Breakdowns for multiple takeoffs when the Audit Trail is filtered

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