October, 2015

New Features/Modifications

This document lists new features and modifications in the Trimble Accubid Enterprise application.

Enterprise Manager

Power Search & Update

When performing a Power Search & Update, the Measure Type field displays data in the expected format.

Enterprise Estimating

Modifications and Enhancements listed in this section apply to the Enterprise Estimating application.


  • The Extension Grouping functionality has been improved to allow for faster processing as follows:
    • When you select data to group, only the selected data loads in the Extension screen. For example, the graphic below is grouped by Drawing. Only the data relating to the drawings is displayed.
    • When grouped, you can click + to open the items under the Group. You can continue to drill down as needed.
    • When you have drilled down to view specific data, “bread crumbs” display in the title bar. This allows you to quickly move around within the Groups.When you click the ellipsis, you are returned to the previous screen (prior to the drill down). You can also press [Esc] on your keyboard.
    • When the Extension is grouped, you now have an Expand Grouped Extension option in the Print Report dialog. This allows you to control data included in your report.
  • Labor Factoring now used the same calculation and rounding methods in all views. Values now agree, regardless of the view you are using.

Vendor Pricing

Items sold per package now calculate pricing accurately. This affects box/spool/reel items with a quantity per package greater than one. Additionally, items priced by measurement unit are also affected.


  • Estimator filtering now remains static until turned off. Note – From time-to-time, filtering disabled itself after taking off multiple items.
  • The sub-takeoff grid now displays the same information as the main takeoff grid.  Note – If you have customized your grid, you must reset back to shipped defaults to see the changes. You can then customize your grid based on the new format.


  • Labor Factoring now calculates and rounds using the same method as the Final Pricing Screen.
  • Copying data and then using the Insert Copied feature between Bid Summaries on the Subcontractor and Quotes tab now works as expected.

Report Center

The Change Order report (Report Type: PCO) now displays the client name properly.

Processing Improvements

Several modifications have been made to the Enterprise software that significantly improve processing time. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Exporting project data to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Deleting numerous field labor line items in the Closeout
  • Loading the Closeout on larger projects (including opening the Quote screen
  • Copying Takeoff Pads


ITS (Information Transport Systems/Information Technology Systems)

is now referenced as

ICT (Information & Communication Technology).

This change is in accordance with BICSI naming. It also better accommodates new data offered by Trade Service Company

Tip This modification affects data/labels within the Enterprise software, as well as help systems.


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