December, 2015

This document lists new features and modifications in the Trimble Accubid Enterprise application.

Enterprise Manager

  • Power Search & Update - The Power Search & Update function now includes the ability to update a cost field or remove any pinned values.
  • Labor Column Labels - You can now use the character & in a labor column label. Previously, using this character may have caused issues viewing labor units on the Estimating side.
  • Assemblies -  In the Assembly grid (under Database Manager / Items & Assemblies), the Prompt Quantity at Takeoff field is now read-only .If you want to change this field, you must open the assembly and change the setting in the Assembly Information pane.  This helps prevent quantity errors when the takeoff is resolved.
  • Items / Discount Groups
    • When items are assigned to Discount groups (Database Manager / Items & Assemblies), you can now right-click your mouse on the Price tab and access various commands on the pop-up menu.
    • When you add Discount Groups to your items using the Fill Down command (from the pop-up menu), the values now save (as expected).

Enterprise Estimating


  • When you create a new drawing, copy a takeoff into the drawing, and then change values for the takeoff, the calculations now display properly.


  • When an Extension is grouped and the Enterprise software is closed, occasionally upon reopening the application, column order for global layouts may have been out of order. This issue is resolved in this release.
  • Frozen Estimates -  When an estimate is frozen, no further changes are allowed. In conjunction with this feature, the Re-Extend button is now disabled when an estimate is frozen.


  • When you enter a value in the Closeout, the value becomes pinned. It will not revert to the global/default value once it is modified.
  • Final Pricing - When the Based on $ per labor hour option button is selected (Labor Calculations), values in all applicable fields update accordingly.
  • Incidental Labor -  You can now cost allocate two or more rows by selecting them, right-clicking and selecting Allocate Cost (even if one of your selections has already been cost allocated).

Item Update

NECA TRA-SER® PIK Codes* can now be updated through the Item Update module. This allows you to run a labor update through the TRA-SER LUM application.

Note – This feature requires that you have a valid TRA-SER® Electrical subscription (Trade Service) .

*National Electrical Contractors Association | TRA-SER Permanent Identification Key Codes

Additional Software Modifications

  • Print Grid/Print Screen
    • Print Expanded Details -  You now have the ability when printing a grid to expand details in the resulting report. To print expanded, select the Expand Details checkbox in the dialog.
    • Hide trailing zeros - When the Hide trailing zeros is selected (under Settings / Options), using the Print Screen/Print Grid option now handles this setting properly in the resulting report.
    • Estimates -  When you open two estimates and then print both in sequence using the Print Screens command, the resulting report includes the proper information. Occasionally, the data included in the report displayed the incorrect estimate.
  • Grid Views/Layouts -  From time-to-time, an Enterprise software update requires an update to the software grids and/or default layouts. When this is necessary, most grid/layout customization you created now remains static. Note – Please keep in mind that depending on the type of software update required, some customization may be lost.
  • Refresh Enhancements - Information between the Enterprise Manager and Enterprise Estimating applications now passes as expected. This includes:
    • Designations - Price and Labor changes made in the Enterprise Manager now update in an existing designation in the Estimating application when the estimate is re-extended.
  • Processing Time - Processing time has been improved in several areas, including:
    • Copying jobs that include many Designation folders
    • Opening Bid Breakdown with multiple groupings
  • Web Service - Estimator and Labor Factor values are now included in the Web Service export.
  • Trimble® Integrator
    • You can now export data to the Vista™ by Viewpoint software.
    • Modifications to accounting package selections are included in this release:
      • PeachTree renamed to Sage 50
      • Timberline renamed to Sage 300
      • AccPac removed (now covered by Sage 300)

Note: We have renamed the PeachTree and Timberline selections to match the current software naming conventions.

  • Trimble Connect -  Direct access to Trimble Connect is now available within the Files and Links module. Trimble Connect offers the following:
    • Bring your team’s BIM data together in one shared space.
    • Put the project’s entire social and transactional history at your fingertips.
    • Powerful cloud based technology gets you up and running quickly, with no IT staff or servers.

LiveCount™ Modifications

The following modifications relate to interaction with the Trimble Accubid Enterprise software only. For specific LiveCount enhancements, refer to the separate Trimble® Accubid LiveCount Release Notes document.

  • When you want to change the assigned Takeoff Breakdown for several items while working in the LiveCount software:
    • Click the Multiple-Select command on the toolbar, and then select the items in the drawing.
    • Right-click and select Edit Work Breakdowns in Estimating from the pop- up menu.
    • The Change Breakdowns/Attributes dialog in the Enterprise software opens. Change your breakdown and then click OK.