March, 2016

Trimble® Accubid Enterprise | 6.9 Release Notes

Periodically, Trimble provides software releases that include modifications and enhancements to our software applications. We are pleased to announce the Version 6.9 release of our Enterprise software product line. This document provides you with important information pertaining to the feature modifications included in this release of our software.

Trimble® LiveCount™ Software Compatibility

The LiveCount application allows you to use an electronic project drawing to measure and count items. This release of Enterprise is compatible with LiveCount, version 5.0, as well as several previous versions of the software. Note: For a complete LiveCount version compatibility list, click here.



You now have the option of using the new Single breakdown view grouping method (introduced in version 6.7) or continuing to use the Full breakdown view method. To activate the method you wish to use:

  • Go to Settings / Options.
  • Under Setting Group Takeoff/Extension / Grouped Extension View Mode, select the option you wish to use in your Enterprise software.

Keep in mind that Single breakdown view provides the following benefits (which are not available in the Full breakdown view method):

  • Faster loading of the extension data you want to view. Only the data relating to the selected grouping displays.
  • “Bread crumbs” are available in the title bar, allowing you to quickly move around within the groups.

Microsoft Project Formats

This release of the Enterprise software includes the ability to export data to the MPP format (as well as the MPX format).