December, 2016

Periodically, Trimble provides software releases that include modifications and enhancements to our software applications. We are pleased to announce the Version 7.0 release of our Enterprise software product line. This document provides you with important information pertaining to the feature modifications included in this release of our software.

Trimble® LiveCount™ Software Compatibility

The LiveCount application allows you to use an electronic project drawing to measure and count items. This release of Enterprise is compatible with LiveCount, version 5.0, as well as several previous versions of the software.


Enterprise Estimating

  • Print Screen functionality has been enhanced to make it easier to print reports of your work. Enhancements include, but are not limited to:
    1. You can now save global layouts for reports allowing for standardization of reports across your organization.
    2. You can now associate different company or joint venture logos with a report layout.
    3. Margins and page layout would not always be retained from session to session. This now behaves as expected.
    4. You can now use field codes in the header and footer of the report.
    5. An extension summary section can now be printed when you have grouped the extension.
    6. You can now print a report without having to first preview it.
    7. Added ability to page break after each section.
    8. Print Styles can be added at the job level.
  • In order to better mimic the flow of a building project, you can now choose Bid Summaries that you wish to

Prepare For Hand Off, once the Estimator is ready to pass it off to the Project Manager. This is done by clicking the plus sign next to an Estimate on the Estimate Schedule screen, choosing one or more Bid Summaries you wish to be available to the Project Manager, and then selecting Prepare For Handoff from the right hand context menu or the button on the toolbar. This will make the job read only, and make the selected Bid Summaries available for use within a Contract, reducing the amount of clutter to sort through.

  • You can now copy Job Items and Job Assemblies between jobs
  • Estimates can now be created without having an existing Project to associate to them. Instead you can simply create a new Estimate, and have the system create a project for you automatically.
  • You can now copy jobs via selecting them on the Estimate Schedule and then simply pasting them via the paste menu.

Enterprise Change Management

  • You can now group your subcontracts, and quotes as desired, and see these totals on the PCO schedule screen. This is to allow you to see your costs associated with any particular contract at a glance from the Contract Schedule screen. You can associate quotes and subcontracts with these groupings from the Quote and Subcontract screens respectively.

Tip – To change the description of these groupings click on the contract tab from within the Change Management module, and then click the Subcontract IDs or Quote IDs button.

  • To support greater granularity in your PCO’s additional tabs have been introduced to better reflect how we currently perform an Estimate.
  1. Added to Standard and Pro
    1. Incidental Labor – Allows you to capture all the back office labor
    2. Key Indicators – Lets you get a quick check to see if the PCO looks right
    3. Graph – Allows you to graph out a number of different metrics about your PCO
  2. Added to Pro Only
    1. Labor Factoring – Allows you to tweak your labor values to better reflect the conditions you are working in.
    2. Labor Escalation - allows for you to account for changes in salary that occur over the course of a job.
    3. Bid Breakdown
  • When creating a new PCO you can now copy details from both a template PCO and an existing Estimate. This allows for a better starting point for your PCO. This is done via a new option below the existing Copy Job option called Copy Closeout. When Copy Closeout is selected you can now choose to copy closeout information from another PCO.
  • The PCO schedule screen has been changed to allow you to better see the status of the changes on any contract at a glance. This is done by generating a series of total lines at the bottom of the PCO schedule grouped by the status of the PCO itself. As well at the totals by status, you will also see:
  1. Total – the sum of these grouped totals
  2. CO to Date - the totals of all PCOs that have a status which was checked in the Contract Status dialog
  3. Base Contract – the total from the base contract itself
  4. Contract To date the total of the lines Base Contract and CO To Date
  • The PCO schedule screen now updates frequently, no longer requiring you to freeze the job before you see the labor and material costs associated with it.
  • PCOs can now be created without needing an already created RFP. Instead you can choose to create an RFP on the fly as you start your PCO.
  • Contracts now can have PCO statuses that are specific to them, allowing you to customize what you present as needed.
  • You can now edit a Contract from the Contract Schedule screen. You can do this by either clicking the Ellipsis button in the Bid Summaries cell, or by simply changing the values on the grid.
  • The Contract Add / Edit screen has been modified to flow in a more natural way, putting the Base Bid at the bottom, and having it automatically add up the value of the Bid Summaries you have selected.
  • You can now see totals for all the Contracts that belong to a Project on the Contract schedule screen.
  • The Unit Price screen will now will allow you to enter negative quantity amounts.

Enterprise General Improvements

  • This version of Accubid Enterprise Client comes with a software update mechanism that will allow a user connecting to an upgraded server to automatically have their client update. Note: This is a client software update that will take effect only in the next version of Enterprise, as versions of Enterprise previous to this lacked this capability.
  • In order to make the install process smoother, Trimble has added an option to install a Resolver Server separately from the Application Server. This is to make larger rollouts faster and easier.

Tip – You can install a Resolution Engine on multiple servers simply by running the install and selecting that option.

  • The Home button on the left hand navigation menu is now called Dashboard.
  • Shop Labor is now available as an option in Formula Builder
  • Equipment was listed as an available Material Condition when it was not. This has been corrected.

Processing Improvements

Several modifications have been made to the Enterprise software that significantly improve processing time. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The time to open an Estimate has been improved.
  • The time to Empty the Recycle Bin has been reduced
  • Optimization of the Material $ and Labor hour calculations on the takeoff screen

Install Update Recommendation

  • See the following pages for instructions on installing this update.
  • Depending on the version you are upgrading from, the update may take additional time. Trimble recommends that you install software updates during the least busy time of your day.