November, 2017

Trimble® LiveCount™ Cloud Software Compatibility

The LiveCount Cloud application allows you to perform on screen measurements for length and count items. LiveCount Cloud is cloud hosted software that is continually updated and upgraded, and as such requires an internet connection to use. This release of Enterprise is compatible with LiveCount Cloud.

Tip -  There is a setting in Trimble Accubid Enterprise Manager > Security Manager that will need to be enabled for the particular users you wish to have access to Trimble LiveCount Cloud. The setting description is Link Estimate to Trimble LiveCount Cloud and will need to be set to full access.

It is recommended to avoid canceling a take-off when using Accubid Enterprise in combination with LiveCount Cloud in the following scenarios: 

  • In Enterprise when modifying a take-off in the edit take-off dialog it is recommended to avoid canceling out of the edit after changing the measurement in LiveCount Cloud because this will result in the measurements between LiveCount Cloud and Enterprise now being different and inconsistent.
  • In Enterprise when creating a new takeoff and then unlinking the measurement in LiveCount Cloud avoid canceling out of the take-off screen in Enterprise because it will delete the unlinked takeoff as well.

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

Improvements to Trimble Accubid Enterprise - Estimating

  1. We are now showing the sum of the cell selection at the bottom of the extension screen.

  2. It is now possible to copy job items & job assemblies into Database Manager in order to make it a global item or assembly.

  3. It is now possible to copy items from trade service as job item or into DBM in order to make it a global item or assembly.

  4. We enhanced power search & update for material adjustments in Enterprise Manager.

  5. We are now showing the ERP system number in power search & update.

  6. We are now allowing to make the ERP system number visible in the Extension screen.

  7. Users now have access to the database tree when executing a database search.

  8. We are now showing the percentage of values for both labor and materials while applying the grouping in the extension screen.

  9. It is now possible to use all lower license tiers with a higher license tier i.e. Accubid Enterprise Pro can see BidWinner & Bidwinner Plus.

  10. Added the ability to group and ungroup the extension screen also when the job is frozen or read only.

  11. It is now possible to enter and see the time when a bid is due in the info tab.

  12. It is now possible to copy & paste typicals inside the same job & breakdown category via a mouse right click.

  13. We added the ability to change Security Server Settings from within the program.

  14. Downloading install packages with the auto-updater has been improved and made faster.  

  15. When changing the drawings scale in LiveCount we are now sending a message back that triggers a refresh of all lengths in the associated takeoffs.  

  16. When re-extending designations in a change order where a job was copied over from an estimate but a new labor column was applied we added an option to the re-extension screen which allows to re-extending the designation as well as the labor and pricing for the parts that the designation contains.

  17. Addressed a refresh issue where the takeoff attributes are not showing in the Audit Trail. In certain cases.

  18. With Enterprise v8 the group and ungrouped extension item views have now two independently customizable layouts. Two new columns (Total Material $ and Total Labor Hours) were added that can be toggled on or off. The layout resets when switching between grouped and ungrouped mode.

Improvements to Trimble Accubid Enterprise – Change Management

  1. It is now possible to change & overwrite the status of a Proposed Change Order (PCO) that was marked as “Approved”.

  2. The count of a Proposed Change Order (PCO) with a certain PCO status is now always visible at the bottom of the PCO tab in Change Management.

  3. Fixed an issue in the schedule screen of change management where we picked up the selling price for a base contract from the original estimate where we should picking up the edited Total Price from the Contract Screen

  4. Fixed an issue when creating a change order with multiple PCO’s when the cost of an entire value of a change order was populated in the CO approved column.  The cost is now computed as a weighted average of the selling price column and distributed to the PCO values.

Improvements to the integration with LiveCount Cloud

  1. We are now synchronizing the System breakdown from Trimble Accubid Enterprise with styles and layers in LiveCount Cloud which makes it easier to visually associate measurements in Live Count Cloud with the Systems in Trimble Accubid Enterprise.  

  2. We are now showing drawings in the same order like in LiveCount Cloud & update drawing name when a drawing was renamed in LiveCount Cloud so that the two are in sync at all times.

  3. We added the ability to copy a job that has been taken off with LiveCount Cloud or is linked with LiveCount Cloud. When using the “Copy” function a new checkbox called “LiveCount Cloud”. Checking this option allows you to duplicate the job including all drawings and existing take-offs in LiveCount Cloud.

  4. Fixed an issue with a single screen setup where the LiveCount Cloud window stayed on top of Enterprise when a LiveCount Cloud job is opened and couldn’t stay minimized.